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Ceiling lights come in many different designs – find the one which best suits your room. Our design of ceiling lamps is minimalistic and stylish. The variants are available in both black and white.

At ANTIDARK we have a wide range of ceiling lamps, whether they are single or miltiple spots, ceiling lamps can be used in almost all rooms.
If it is a high ceiling room, our Moon serie can be a beautiful solution.
ANTIDARK ceiling lamps are all in a stylish and simple design that does not distrub the decor in the room, but simply highlights elements, colors, etc.
Especially the SpotOn series can put on focus on different elements in the room. Whether it is with 1, 2 or 3 spots, they are adjustable 360 degrees and the light angle can be set in different areas.
EASY Double, Trible and Quattro have the same effect. You can also rotate these spots in different directions. The EASY series is one of our most popular series.
When choosing ceiling lamps do not compromise on quality to make sure they last for long time while providing the perfect light.
The difference between celing lamps and pendants is that ceiling lamps are attached to the ceiling and pendants are hanging down from the ceiling. If you are looking for pendants, you can find our selection under Pendants.
Most of our ceiling lamps can also be used as wall lamps. If you want to see more, please take a look under Wall lamps.