Table and floor lamps

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This year we have designed our first floor and table lamp. And there will definitely be more designs in this category

With ANTIDARK table and floor lamp, design goes hand ind hand with functionality.

A floor lamp has many different functions. It can both be a part of the decor in itself but at the same time have the function of providing light in only a certain par of the room. They are often placed by the sofa or in the corner of the room.
It is important to us, that it is beautiful to look at and provides a pleasant light at the same time.
As well as floor lamps, table lamps are suitable for reading and are a importang source of light in your interior. The ANTIDARK table and floor lamp can harmonize with the rest of the decor in most homes, as the design is stylish and minimalistic. They can make the office landscape and the individual offices cozy and comfortable. Table and floor lamps are not suitable for primary ligth in the room, but they complement the other lighting. You might have spots on tracks that provide the primary light, but the table and floor lamps create atmosphere and coziness in small areas.
Give them a chance to shine – their design add plenty of style.