You have the opportunity to become our partner. You make your purchase of our lamps through us, with quantities lower than if you were to order directly from the factory. You still get them at Chinese factory prices, and we take care of the logistics.



You can become our partner

Read below to find out what it means to be a partner with us and what we ensure for you as our partner.

Trustworthy and quality-conscious suppliers

We prioritize trustworthy and quality-conscious suppliers.
We set high standards for both our suppliers and our products.

Our Code of Conduct, which all suppliers sign, sets out our expectations for ethics, the environment, and quality. We manage orders and negotiate prices to ensure competitiveness and closely monitor the production process. Quality control and handling of complaints are also part of our responsibilities.

These measures ensure that we deliver top-quality products and maintain our credibility as a reliable company. Our relationships with trustworthy suppliers are a central part of our success and an investment in our customers’ satisfaction.

ANTIDARK Design group

Logistic & Stock

Here's how we handle logistics while you manage your warehouse


After initiating production at the factory, we take care of booking transportation and delivering the products FOB at the agreed-upon time


Delivery occurs as agreed with you and always on an FOB basis. We ensure to inform you about the delivery schedule and more.


If you haven’t ordered enough for your own warehouse, you can always supplement with products from our inventory.
We will negotiate the price each time you purchase from our inventory.


We have made it easy for you


Videos Images Displays

Tube Pendant white In bathroom
EASY W100 Skanlux Huse

In our marketing strategy, we’ve made it easy for our customers. We provide enticing product descriptions, product images, environmental images, and videos to present our products in an engaging manner. Additionally, we have designed various displays that can be set up in the store, ensuring that our products always appear inviting and attractive.

ANTIDARK Moon_ø45_gangareal
ANTIDARK Palla single og Palla double brass bathroom


ANTIDARK is a Danish company with roots in the region of Funen. We are a company that designs lighting, where clean and stylish design, as well as high quality, are paramount.

Our collection embodies Danish design, characterized by its minimalistic and timeless qualities.

We sell lamps for commercial purposes and have two business segments.

We have 2 business segments


We supply lamps to retail and online shops in 16 different countries.

Our products are aimed at the functional and minimalist consumer seeking a modern design.

All our lamps are developed in current trends and colors, ensuring high value and quality at a reasonable price for the consumer.


We supply lamps for a wide range of projects, including stores, office environments, hair salons, hotels, construction companies, and more.