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The decorative kind of lighting – explore our collection of pendants here.

Pendants, also called supspension, are the type of lamps that fit very well over a dining table, a table in the meeting room, a living room or as a decoration in the corner of the room.
It depends on the design of a pendant, where it fits, but also style and decor.
ANTIDARK pendants can with their simple and stylish design be a decoration in themselves, but as they have a minimalistic and classic design, they do not desturb the rest of the image in the room and can easily compliment other elements.
Suspension lamps can hang in clusters and be very decorative.
Common to our pendants is that design and quality goes hand in hand.
Pendants normally hang down from the ceiling in cords. However, our Tube pendant can also be mounted on our popular Designline track. See more under Tracks/Designline.
The difference between ceiling lamps and pendants is that ceiling lamps are mounted on the ceiling and pendants are hanging down from the ceiling. If you ar looking for ceiling lamps, yopu can find our selection under Ceiling lamps.

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