Save on your electricity bill

In these times when electricity prices are rising, everyone would like to save on their electricity bill, right?

Here we provide our advice and tips on how you can save on your electricity bill when it comes to lighting and lamps. Whether it’s lighting for private homes or for shops, restaurants, offices, or similar, there is a lot of money to be saved if you have the right lighting. And you can even quickly recoup the investment you made, if it requires new lighting.

Out with the old bulbs

Do you have old incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs? It can be worthwhile to replace them with LED bulbs, which use 4-5 times less electricity.

In addition to saving energy by using LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, you also save money on bulb purchases. A halogen bulb has a lifespan of approximately 2 years, whereas an LED bulb has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

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How to save 128.000 DKK

How do you save money on your electricity bill?

Here, we provide a specific example of how you can save money on your electricity bill. The example is from a store that replaced its spotlights with lower-wattage ones.

The calculation is made in Danish kroner and corresponds to a savings of 17.183 euros.

Replace with spots that have lower wattage.

The example to the right is based on a store with 200 spots, each with 70W. In a typical store, these spots burn for 3200 hours in one year. The price per kWh is estimated to be 5 DKK.

The 200 spots are replaced with a variant of 30W. Burn time and kWh price remain the same.

With this replacement, you save 128.000 DKK in one year.

What about the investment itself?

A new lighting system with 200 new spots does not cost anywhere near this amount, so you will quickly and within the year be able to recoup the money by replacing your spots and achieving direct savings. Your payback period will be low for new spots/new lighting system from us. Contact our lighting advisors to hear more about your options.

With the high electricity prices we currently have, the investment in a new lighting system is lower compared to maintaining your current one, especially if it is a lighting system with high-wattage spots or if you have spots with halogen bulbs or similar.

With LED spots from us, you also get a 5-year warranty on your spots, and there will be no operating costs.

More good reasons to replace your spots

Are there any other good tips on how to save on your electricity bill? And are there any other good reasons to replace your spots? The answer is yes – we provide you with 3 good reasons here:

Longevity and recyclability

Our spots have a minimum lifespan of 50.000 hours, but in 5 years, some of your spots may become too old. If that’s the case, we can recycle most of your spots, but by only replacing the chip, driver, and adapter, you save even more money while also considering the environment by reusing as much as possible – a win-win situation.

Hear about your options with one of our lighting experts.

Reduce the number of spots

If you receive the right lighting guidance, which you can get from us, you might even be able to reduce the number of spots in your store. The spots just need to be properly adjusted and illuminate the areas that will attract people to the store. Your customers will be drawn to spots that highlight dark spots in the store. Contact our lighting consultants who can guide you on adjusting the spots and how you can adjust both the quantity and the lighting setup.

Improved temperature in the store

Old lamps, such as halogen spots, emit more heat, making it harder to regulate the temperature in the stores, especially during the summer. This makes it extra challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature for customers. As a result, you have to turn up your air conditioning even more, resulting in higher energy consumption.

This is another reason why it is worth replacing the old spots with newer ones with lower wattage.

Difference between integrated LED and replaceable light source

What is integrated LED?

Integrated LED means that the light source itself is built into the lamp. So, you don’t have a separate light source and socket. Instead, there is a chip that provides the light, making it the actual light source.

You might think that this would reduce the lifespan of a lamp, but fortunately, it does not. Our lamps with integrated LED can burn for a minimum of 30.000 to 50.000 hours, which is equivalent to 3-5 years of continuous burning time. However, since we don’t let our lights burn continuously, the lamps have a very long lifespan. And if you need to extend the lifespan of your lamps, you can replace the chip, driver, and adapter.

What is a replaceable light source?

A replaceable light source is the same as what we often call a bulb. It refers to a light source that can be replaced as needed, for example, when the bulb burns out or becomes damaged for any other reason. With a replaceable light source, you can often choose the color temperature yourself, meaning whether it should be 2700 Kelvin or 3000 Kelvin. Read more about Kelvin here.

There are several different types of replaceable light sources. It can, for example, be a GU10 bulb, E14 or E27 bulb.

How do I get my lighting replaced?

Contact our lighting advisors, and we will assist you, whether it’s lighting for your store, restaurant, clinic, or other purposes.