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Store lighting plays a crucial role in retail, not only by highlighting products, but also by creating a welcoming and memorable customer experience. In 2023 and 2024, we see several exciting trends that combine technology, sustainability and design aesthetics.

1. Sustainability and eco-friendly lighting

Environmental awareness is no longer just a trend, it’s a necessity. Shops are moving towards LED lighting, which is not only energy efficient but also has a longer lifespan. This reduces both energy consumption and costs in the long run.

2. Smart lighting technology

The integration of smart technology in store lighting is on the rise. This includes, for example, adjustable lighting controlled via apps that can change the in-store atmosphere with a single click. Smart lighting can also adapt to customer behaviour and preferences, improving the overall shopping experience.

3. Focus on experience design

In today’s retail environment, store lighting is not just about illuminating the space – it’s about creating a captivating and memorable customer experience.

By utilising a variety of dramatic lighting installations and focused lighting, you can not only highlight specific products or areas of the store, but also create a dynamic and inviting atmosphere that invites customers in and encourages them to explore.

This can include everything from mood lighting that emphasises the store’s architecture to eye-catching spotlight effects that draw customers’ attention to specific products or displays.

4. Minimalistic and flexible lighting

In line with Scandinavian design tradition, we’re seeing a trend towards minimalistic lighting that complements the store’s aesthetic without taking over the scene. This approach to lighting focuses on simplicity, cleanliness and functionality, creating a calm and inviting environment that lets the products speak for themselves.

Flexible lighting solutions that can be adjusted and customised are also popular, allowing stores to easily change their layout and appearance. This is particularly useful in a world where trends and customer preferences are constantly changing, allowing stores to adapt quickly and efficiently without having to make extensive changes.

This flexibility is not only practical, but also financially beneficial as it reduces the need to replace lighting installations.

5. Natural light sources

The use of natural light has become an important part of modern retail lighting. Large windows, glass roofs and strategically placed mirrors can maximise daylight, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

6. Colour temperature and mood lighting

The choice of colour temperature in lighting is crucial to creating the right mood. Warm tones can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while cooler tones can highlight modern and high-tech products.

These trends in retail lighting show a move towards more sustainable, technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing solutions. It’s important for retailers to stay on top of these trends to continue creating unique and memorable customer experiences.

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