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The ANTIDARK collection is characteristic, minimalist and timeless.

We are passionate about creating lighting for the prefect atmosphere and illumination. We strive to develop products where design and quality come together.

Design is not just about good design. Lighting and lamps are about more than getting an attractive and aesthetic look. We design lighting that shapes the room or space you are in, whether you are indoors or outdoors, so that the room or space becomes an attractive, comfortable, soothing and relaxing place to be in, while at the same time emphasising all the other elements that are present.
Light is one of the most important parameters when creating a new store or designing the interior of a private home. It sets the agenda for how the room looks in terms of colours and atmosphere.
Using light, you can decide what should be empathised – the colour of the wall, the chair in the room or the clothes in the store.

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ANTIDARK Design group

ANTIDARK is not one single designer. We are a design team, each designer contributing with their own competencies. We believe that by working together, doing what we do best, the end result is excellence.

Our first priority is to listen to our customers. Their satisfaction, feedback and not least dreams mean a great deal to us, so we ensure that we constantly improve and develop new lighting that is tailored to suit our DNA and market demands. Our design team consists of people who make lamps for people.

ANTIDARK materials


We love to develop products that are timeless, where form and functionality come together.

We design lamps and go down to the smallest detail, both with look and functionality. This means that before they reach the end customer, many people are involved in the creation of our lamps, from the creation of small sketch drawings to the refinement of materials. Human hands have fine-tuned every detail of each product.

ANTIDARK Drawing design proces


Whether it’s the actual design, products, service or delivery, we focus on quality.

We set stringent requirements when it comes to design and quality, never compromising on the materials that are used or on our suppliers’ production methods. Quality control is paramount in production.

Our lamps are thoroughly tested before they are put into production and sold on the market. This is why there are very few complaints made about our products. Despite our stringent requirements and standards relating to the materials used, we ensure the prices of our products are reasonable.

Top quality

We set stringent quality requirements with our products.

Value for money

We ensure high value and quality at a reasonable price.

Fast delivery

We always ship on the same day the order was placed or on the following day.

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ANTIDARK is a Danish design company that gained its independent brand in 2019. But in fact, we have more than 25 years of experience in designing lamps for private homes and public spaces, just under a different name. We sell to businesses and work with retailers all over Europe. We create attractive designs and feel obligated to create lamps that have long lifetimes and with the right aesthetic; lamps that create serenity, relaxation and atmosphere in a room.

We have more than 25 years experience in the European lighting industry and have worked with many thousands of clients through the years. Formerly we where known as Scan Studio and have manufactured and developed our own lighting under that brand.

In 2019, as a part of further developing our company, we have changed our name to ANTIDARK.

Our core values are still the same:
To offer cutting edge lighting solutions at competitive pricing worldwide.


Our lighting advisors know all about Kelvin, CRI, Lumen and everything else that is important for creating the perfect lighting for different rooms. Based on the size and interior design of a room, we calculate how many lamps it requires and what specifications the lamps should have. And we always take into account our customers’ wishes regarding design and look.

Job & Career

Do you want to join us?

As a colleague at our office in Middelfart, you become a part of a young design company in growth. Our passion is to design quality lamps with a minimalist expression in Scandinavian style. We are a dedicated and dynamic team with plenty of room for discussion with skilled and experienced colleagues.



Here you can see available positions at our office in Middelfart: