Elegant ceiling lamps in high quality

Welcome to our inspiring universe of ceiling lamps, where you can find a wide range of small and large ceiling lamps in various designs to suit any room and decor. Whether you are looking for a discreet and simple lamp or a more striking, modern solution, we have the right ceiling lamp for you. Most of our ceiling lamps can also be used as wall lamps, providing you with extra flexibility and the ability to customize the lighting to your specific needs and preferences. Be inspired by our selection and find your new ceiling lamp here.

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What are ceiling lamps?

Ceiling lamps are versatile fixtures that are mounted directly on the ceiling to provide good lighting for the entire room. They come in many different versions to suit various needs and interiors. From small spotlights that offer targeted, direct illumination, to larger flush-mount lamps that create even, general lighting throughout the room.

The difference between ceiling lamps and pendants is that ceiling lamps are fixed to the ceiling, whereas pendants hang down from the ceiling. If you are looking for pendant lamps, you can find our selection under Pendants.

Many of our ceiling lamps can also be used as wall lamps, providing even more options to create the optimal lighting in your rooms.

High-Quality ceiling lamps at an affordable Price

In the search for the ideal ceiling lamp for your home, it’s important to balance quality, style, and budget.

Many are looking for an affordable ceiling lamp that meets both aesthetic and practical requirements, while also fitting within a reasonable budget.

When looking at the vast selection of ceiling lamps available, it’s a good idea to focus on designs that combine timeless aesthetics with durable functionality if you want a lamp that will last for many years.

At ANTIDARK, we offer ceiling lamps that beautifully illuminate your home without breaking the budget, while also adding an elegant touch to the room. All our ceiling lamps are of high quality and long-lasting, ensuring that your ceiling lamp will endure for many years to come. You also get a timeless and stylish design that never goes out of fashion.

Ceiling lamps in elegant and beautiful designs

Our selection of ceiling lamps includes various types, both large and small, to match your personal style. Whether you want to highlight a beautiful detail or create a strong lighting environment, you will find several lamps in timeless and minimalist designs that suit any ceiling. On our site, you will find both white ceiling lamps and black ceiling lamps, as well as more eye-catching designs in brass and titanium. Made from quality materials such as glass and metal, these lamps are built to last and provide long-lasting style to your home.

Many different lamps – For every room

To achieve optimal lighting in your home, it is important to choose the right ceiling lamps that ensure good light distribution and create a pleasant atmosphere. Ceiling lamps come in many different designs and functionalities, making them versatile choices for any room in the home. From the kitchen to the living room, bathroom, and hallway, you can find the perfect ceiling lamp to meet your lighting needs and match your decor. Whether you prefer modern spotlights, elegant glass lamps, or smart flush-mount lamps, they can be customized to create the ideal atmosphere and provide exactly the light you want.

Spotlights with 1, 2, 3 or 4 spots

Spotlights are a practical solution for targeted and direct lighting. With anywhere from 1 to 4 spots, these lamps allow you to adjust and customize the light as needed. They come in many different designs, ranging from simple and elegant to modern and minimalist, and in various colors such as black, brass, and white. They provide excellent lighting and can make a clear statement over the dining table, in your kitchen, hallway, or living room.

Glass lamps – Elegant design and pleasant light

Glass lamps are known for their elegant and timeless design, providing pleasant light and adding a beautiful touch to your decor. They distribute light evenly and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our glass lamps can be used in various rooms, from the bathroom to the kitchen and living room, and they come in different colors and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your interior.

Flush-Mount ceiling lamps – A discreet and simple solution

Flush-mount ceiling lamps are a discreet and simple solution that sits close to the ceiling to provide even and pleasant lighting. They come in various sizes and colors such as black, white, and titanium. Flush-mount ceiling lamps are ideal for any room where you want a ceiling light that provides plenty of illumination without drawing too much attention or taking up space in the decor.

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Placement of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps are an essential part of home lighting, contributing to both functionality and aesthetics in every room. When choosing and placing a ceiling lamp, there are several aspects to consider, from the lamp’s design to its function in the space. Ceiling lamps come in many different styles – find the design that best suits your room.

Practical lighting in the kitchen:

In a kitchen, your ceiling lamp should be placed over work areas, such as the kitchen counter and dining table, to ensure that the lighting is bright and functional. LED ceiling lamps with adjustable spots provide flexible and focused lighting, allowing you to adjust the light distribution according to your needs and activities. We have a great selection of ceiling lamps for this exact purpose. Take a look at our Easy series or SpotOn series, both of which offer precise light adjustment.

Over a dining table, it is beneficial to supplement with a pendant lamp, which provides a cozy light at the table when your ceiling lamp is turned off.

Bathroom and bedroom:

In the bathroom, lamps should be positioned to provide good lighting at the mirror and throughout the rest of the room. Glass lamps with built-in LED bulbs offer even light, making it easy to see while also creating a pleasant atmosphere. Our Palla series is an excellent choice for this, and you can also choose to place them on the wall, for example, on either side of the mirror.

In the bedroom, ceiling lamps should create a relaxing atmosphere. Flush-mount ceiling lamps or ceiling lamps with dimmable LED bulbs can be placed centrally to ensure soft and soothing lighting.

Tips for choosing ceiling lamps

Consider the room’s purpose

Think about what the room will be used for. A ceiling lamp in the kitchen may require stronger lighting than a lamp in the living room, where soft lighting can create coziness and ambiance.

Style and design

Choose a ceiling lamp that matches the overall decor of the room. Minimalist lamps work well in modern homes, while classic designs can complement a more traditional style.

Size and proportions

Pay attention to the size of the room so the lamp doesn’t feel overwhelming or too small. A large lamp can be a striking focal point, while several smaller lamps can create balance.

Brightness and light source

Consider the lamp’s brightness and the type of bulbs. We offer both LED ceiling lamps with built-in light sources and lamps with replaceable light sources. If you choose a lamp with integrated LEDs, you often have the option to adjust the brightness and color temperature. If you choose one with a replaceable light source, you will need to find LED bulbs for your ceiling lamp.


The choice of material is important for both aesthetics and durability. Glass and metal are both popular choices, each with its unique expression.

Find your new ceiling lamp here

We hope you find your new ceiling lamp here among our wide selection. A ceiling lamp is an essential light source that can hang in most rooms and create the right atmosphere, whether it’s to adorn the ceiling in the kitchen or the living room. Thank you for reading – we look forward to helping you choose the perfect lighting for your home!

Frequently asked questions about ceiling lamps

Which type of ceiling lamp is best for the kitchen?

Ceiling lamps with built-in LEDs and adjustable spots are often ideal, as they provide strong, focused lighting for the kitchen’s work areas.

Can I use a ceiling lamp as a wall lamp?

Yes, many ceiling lamps can be mounted on the wall and work well as wall lamps, especially in hallways and bathrooms.

How high should a ceiling lamp hang?

Our ceiling lamps are mounted directly on the ceiling and therefore do not take up much space in the room. They will rarely be in the way. Pendants, on the other hand, should be placed carefully to avoid hanging in the way. In rooms with high ceilings, it is a good idea to place lamps high up so that the light is distributed better throughout the room. If you have a room with a very low ceiling, such as a basement, you should consider a flush-mount lamp, which takes up minimal space and doesn’t occupy much room.

How to install a ceiling lamp

Make sure the power is turned off at the switch. If necessary, remove the old lamp and carefully disconnect the wires. Strip the ends if needed. Attach the bracket or base to your ceiling. Connect the wires and screw the lamp into place according to the instructions. Turn the power back on and test the lamp. If you are unsure, you can contact an electrician for a safe installation.