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The classic SpotOn series is available in many different variants and colors. SpotOn1 is one of the variants and is a lamp with many options.

With SpotOn1, you get a spot that is placed on a square base. A base that measures 9 x 11 cm. And with a depth of 1.5cm.
The spot itself can be turned in many directions and is therefore suitable as both a ceiling lamp and a wall lam, regardless of whether you choose SpotOn 1, 2 or 3. With SpotON1 you have many options, especially as a wall lamp, both as bedside lamp or lamp above the utility table or kitchen table.

SpotOn is available in several different colors; white, black, titanium and brass. The titanium variant is available with a black base, but from week 4, 2023, SpotOn will come in full titanium (both base and spot) and full brass. Very stylish and modern spots.
The white and black variant is also available with gold front ring.

Extra gold front ring is included.

SpotOn  1  is made of aluminum and has a replaceable light source. The light source is easily changed by unscrewing the tube from the spot.


L:11cm. W:9cm. H:13cm.

Technical specifications for SpotOn 1:

See the datasheet for technical specifications


SpotOn1 GU10 – White, SpotOn1 GU10 – White/Gold, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black/Gold, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black/Titanium, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium, SpotOn1 Fittings – Stainless Steel, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium