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SpotOn1 – Stylish singlespot with many possibilities

Our SpotOn series consists of classic spotlights with either 1, 2, or 3 spots, available in various versions and colors. SpotOn1 is one of the singlespots in the series and is mounted on an elegant minimalist square base.

The spotlight itself can be turned and rotated in many directions, allowing you to easily customize the light according to your needs.

SpotOn1 works well both as a ceiling lamp and a wall lamp, offering you many possible applications. By using SpotOn1 as a wall lamp, it can be used as a bedside lamp or over a utility table or kitchen table. As a ceiling lamp, it also fits nicely in kitchens or hallways, where functional lighting is required.


Design and functionality

SpotOn1 is available in white, black, titanium, and brass, giving you the option to find the perfect match for your interior and personal style.

The titanium variant comes with both a black base and in full titanium (both base and spotlight).

An additional gold front ring is included, allowing you to change the look of your spotlight and add an exclusive touch.

SpotOn1 is made of aluminum and features a replaceable light source. The light source can be easily changed by unscrewing the tube from the spotlight.


Technical specifications

Dimensions: L:11cm. W:9cm. H:13cm.

Refer to the datasheet for technical specifications.


SpotOn1 GU10 – White, SpotOn1 GU10 – White/Gold, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black/Gold, SpotOn1 GU10 – Black/Titanium, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium, SpotOn1 Fittings – Stainless Steel, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium, SpotOn1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn1 GU10 – Titanium