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ANTIDARK Salgsteam

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Martin Mikkelsen
Sales and Purchase Manager

Søren Hartvig Rasmussen
Key Account Manager for Export and Sales

Mette Bergholdt
Key Account Manager for Projects

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Christina Maria Kragh
Sales Coordinator

Allan Staal
Stock Employee

Laura Skov Hansen
Marketing Coordinator

Diana Erlandsen
Marketing Manager

Connie Dokkedahl Jensen
Accounting Assistant

Marianne Jørgensen

Mette Lindegaard Sørensen


Damgårdvej 2, 5500 Middelfart, Danmark

Visit our showroom or book a meeting with one of our lighting advisors – we give you the best advise for your project

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As wholesaler, we hope you will visit our showroom at Damgårdvej 2 in Middelfart, Denmark. Here we have the opportunity to show you all our lamps and tell you much more about their specifications. Feel free to book a meeting with us. If you do not have the opportynity to show up physically in our showroom, we are happy to take you on a virtual tour, where we will show you all the products and give a through review. The meeting will be held on Teams or similar, so you have the opportynity to ask questions, and we can have a dialog at the same time.
ANTIDARK Showroom Middelfart
ANTIDARK Showroom Middelfart