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What should you consider when choosing lighting?

Read on, where we provide you with inspiration and helpful advice for everything from choosing a dining table lamp to the brightness and color temperature of the light source.

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Lighting in the home

Create magical moments with atmospheric and functional lighting in your home. Find inspiration on how to enhance the ambiance using lamps and lighting setups in the various rooms of your living space here.

Commercial lighting

Lighting plays a hidden role in our behavior and mood. The right lighting design is therefore important for creating positive customer experiences and a good work environment. Get advice on how to strategically use light in your business here.


Discover our best-selling lamp series and learn about the benefits and thoughts behind the design. We guide you on how and where to use the collections while providing tips and advice for installation and setup.


– and why they are important

The choice of lamps and light sources can become significantly easier if you have an understanding of the technical lighting terms. Read on and gain knowledge about Kelvin, Lumen, Lux, and CRI.

Kelvin indicates the color temperature of light. Read more here, where we guide you through the different Kelvin degrees and provide our recommendations.

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. Read more here, where we explain CRI and its importance – especially for stores.

Lumen and Lux provide information about the brightness in the light you choose. Read more here, where we provide a overview of these two lighting terms.


Quality and economy are important factors when choosing lamps and light sources. Read on here, where we provide helpful advice on what to consider in order to make the most out of your lighting installations.