Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Therefore, it is essential that the space is pleasant to be in, with a comfortable ambiance. Lighting plays a important role in this. Lighting helps set the mood, and it is important to have proper illumination in the kitchen to ensure good task lighting while also creating a cozy atmosphere.

In general, we recommend including these three types of lighting in the kitchen to ensure optimal kitchen lighting:

  • General lighting

  • Cozy lighting

  • Task lighting

Below, we will explain in more detail and provide you with some tips on what to consider when designing your kitchen with optimal lighting.

General lighting

The general lighting is the light that should illuminate the entire kitchen. The obvious choice, and what we see in the majority of kitchens, is the use of integrated ceiling spots for general lighting.

The general lighting is kitchen lighting characterized by its uniform illumination.

Dimmable kitchen lighting

Often these spots are installed so that the light can be dimmed and adjusted depending on what needs to be created in the kitchen. For example, when cleaning, it is advantageous to turn the light up to its maximum brightness, illuminating all corners and edges with a sharp light, allowing you to see every detail. On the other hand, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening, the light can be dimmed.

When a light is dimmable, it can often be adjusted from 1800K to 3000K, allowing you to achieve a range of lighting from warm yellowish light to warm white light. Read more about Kelvin here.

You can choose spots where you can change the light source, meaning you use LED bulbs. All our integrated spots come with integrated light sources.

A trend we are currently seeing in the market is the use of LED strips in kitchens. These can be installed over cabinets, around the kitchen island, in display cabinets, and so on.

ANTIDARK Designline kitchen
ANTIDARK indbygningsspot

Which spots would you recommend for kitchen lighting?

It is a question we often receive. When it comes to general kitchen lighting, we would recommend using spots from our product category “recessed spots” – see them here: RECESSED SPOTS – they are an obvious choice and provide uniform lighting. What characterizes the lamps or spots in this category is that they are built into the ceiling and do not protrude downwards.

Of course, there are many alternatives available, such as our Easy series, which you can find here: VIEW ALL CEILING LIGHTS. Our Easy series adds more expression to the room and consists of ceiling lights that protrude from the ceiling rather than being recessed spots.

Cozy lighting

It is important for a kitchen to have atmosphere and feel warm and comfortable. Here, cozy lighting is an important factor. Cozy lighting provides ambient light. It is the warm light and is the lighting in the kitchen that is often placed above the dining table but can also be in various corners of the kitchen or above a sideboard or similar. It depends on the size of the room and the layout of the kitchen.

Cozy lighting is the type of lighting that particularly catches the eye in a kitchen. Cozy lighting can be small lamps or large lamps, it can be both pendant lights and wall lights. We have a wide range of both pendant lights and wall lights that can suit both small kitchens and large kitchens, with a stylish design that fits different kitchen styles. If you want to create a cozy area, you can easily hang several lamps together in a cluster.

ANTIDARK Ballerina over kitchentable
ANTIDARK cuscino kitchen

Which lamps would you recommend for cozy lighting?

Our recommendation for cozy lighting depends a lot on the style you desire in your kitchen. Many people often think that pendant lights create a bold and full look in the space, but you can create an aesthetic expression regardless of the style of pendants. We have plenty of pendants with minimalist designs that can match a wide range of styles since they don’t disrupt the overall visual harmony and allow other elements in the room to stand out.

We offer various types of pendant lamps. Often, our pendants come with replaceable LED bulbs, allowing you to choose between warm light with a 2700K light source or slightly cooler light with 3000K. We also have a pendant like our Supreme Longpendant, which features integrated LED lights. The Supreme Longpendant is available in two different sizes and looks stunning over the kitchen counter, as it illuminates the countertop beautifully. It is also a beautiful choice for above the dining table.

Task lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it is crucial to consider good task lighting. This makes it easier and more comfortable to cook in the kitchen, where it is important to have bright and focused light in specific areas. For example, it can be above the kitchen island, on the countertop where food is typically prepared, and where dishes are washed.

When cooking, it is important that the light also provides good color rendering, so that the colors of the food appear real and appealing. This is where we talk about CRI (Color Rendering Index) values.

Good task lighting is also essential when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. In this case, the general lighting plays a role.

Which lamps provide good task lighting?

Good task lighting is practical but can still be attractive lamps with a stylish design. It can, for example, be pendant lights or surface-mounted spotlights. There are many options, and it all depends on the ceiling height, the kitchen’s layout, and so on.

There are many possibilities within our collection. A good suggestion for task lighting in the kitchen could be the Easy Lens pendant, Tube Flex Pendant, Easy W100, or other products in the Easy series.

The kitchen is the central gathering point

In many Danish homes, the kitchen is the central gathering point, just like in the rest of Scandinavia. Nowadays, we build houses where the kitchen is no longer separated from the dining area, but instead, we create kitchen-dining areas where the family gathers for meals and relaxation. Our guests are also warmly welcomed into our kitchen-dining areas, where everyone is part of the cozy gathering, and as a host, you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen and miss out on the fun.

That’s precisely why kitchen lighting holds great importance, both for everyday use and for special occasions. Good lighting in the kitchen is essential because it serves many functions and contributes to creating atmosphere and warmth in the kitchen.

How do you find the perfect lamp?

There is no definitive checklist for finding the perfect lamp for kitchen lighting, as it depends entirely on the kitchen itself. Every kitchen is different in terms of layout and the personal touch you want to add to your kitchen.

When choosing lighting, it is important to consider it from the beginning, ensuring that you have both the general lighting in the kitchen, task lighting, and cozy lighting.

Kitchen lamps come in different styles, and they can help highlight what you want to emphasize, with spotlights illuminating different areas and pendants providing expression and atmosphere.

ANTIDARK EASY Lens pendant black_4
ANTIDARK EASY Lens pendant black_3

How do I ensure the best kitchen lighting?

To ensure good lighting in your kitchen, you can follow our advice mentioned above. We are happy to provide further guidance on lighting for larger projects and commercial spaces.

If it pertains to a private home, we collaborate with several electricians who can handle the lamp delivery, installation, and setup. Contact your local electrician and feel free to explore our collection here: COLLECTION.

Our collection

We hope that you have been inspired by kitchen lighting. And that you have gained a better understanding of the significant impact lighting can have, as well as its flexibility, allowing you to achieve both good lighting and an elegant expression with kitchen lamps in various forms and beautiful designs. We offer multiple lamp variations that provide both ambient lighting and excellent task lighting over the kitchen counter – all tailored to suit your specific interior design. The style and design in our collection are minimalist and stylish.

Here, you can see how different lamps can create various expressions in a kitchen above a dining table. The kitchen provides an opportunity to express different styles when choosing a lamp for the dining area. A lamp like our Supreme Long Pendant offers a minimalist expression and the advantage of not requiring bulb replacements.

On the other hand, the Ballerina Glass Pendant provides a different expression to the space, fitting well in both minimalist and retro-themed settings. The lamp has its unique characteristics while maintaining a stylish appearance. Your kitchen will gain expression with kitchen lamps like these.

ANTIDARK supreme over table
Køkkenbelysning / kitchen lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions about kitchen lighting

When decorating with lighting in your kitchen, it’s important to consider both general lighting, cozy lighting, and task lighting. In kitchens, the commonly used color temperature is 2700K – 3000K, depending on the desired warmth of the light.

A rule of thumb is to hang pendant lights over the dining table at a height of 70-75 cm from the tabletop to the bottom of the lamp.

It depends on the amount of light in the kitchen, taking into account factors such as large windows in the room and other lighting sources, such as cozy lighting. However, as a general guideline, you can have 1 spotlight per 1-1.5 square meters.