Easy Lens Pendant W120

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Elegant pendant with lens from the EASY series

The EASY series consists of functional and minimalist lamps and is one of our absolute bestsellers.

The EASY Lens Pendant is a robust and simultaneously elegant pendant with a beautiful lens that seamlessly blends into any decor. Thanks to its versatile design and impressive functionality, it can be integrated into many different areas of your home. The perfect choice for adding both lighting and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Hang the EASY Lens Pendant over your dining table or kitchen table to create pleasant lighting, perfect for everyday meals and social gatherings. The pendant is also suitable for illuminating a sideboard or another decorative area in your home.


Design and functionality

The EASY Lens Pendant is designed with a beautiful lens that provides pleasant and functional lighting and ensures that you are not blinded. The pendant creates a beautiful light cone both up to the ceiling and down to the table, allowing the light to be evenly distributed throughout the room.

The neutral cords make the pendant extra elegant and contribute to an almost floating expression. The pendant is made of black aluminum and has dim-to-warm functionality, allowing you to adjust between cool and warm light according to your needs and mood.

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Technical specifications for the EASY Lens Pendant:

Dimensions: H: 8cm, Ø: 12cm.

Size of the canopy: Ø: 12cm, H: 4.8cm.

See all technical specifications in our datasheet. You can download the datasheet from the link above.

Easy Lens Pendant

Easy Lens Pendant W120 LED 1800K – 3000K – Black