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Our wall lamps have different expressions and functionality. The design remains minimalist and stylish.


When decorating a space with lamps, we consider the form, design, colors, and the amount of light emitted by the lamp. Our wall lamp designs are very sleek and blend in with most rooms without disturbing the overall visual harmony.

Whether you’re looking for white or black wall lamps, or perhaps LED wall lamps, our collection offers a range of options that will hopefully match your style.

Many of our designs feature flat wall lamps that don’t take up much space in the room, allowing them to be more discreet on the wall. DOT is a perfect wall lamp for the bedroom as it is flat and can be tilted outward if you want the light to be angled downwards while reading a book in bed. It combines a direct light and an indirect light in one. The direct light can be used as a spotlight for reading, while the indirect light provides a more relaxed illumination towards the wall.

The popular and beautiful Moon lamp is available in several sizes and can be dimmed. It has a simple design and comes in either white or black. Its shape and form can be used as an eye-catching wall decoration. Whether you choose large or small wall lamps for the hallway, entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc., they can serve as beautiful wall decorations.


Wall lamps are used in almost every room, where they both embellish the wall and serve the purpose of providing light in a specific area of the room.

Indoor wall lamps are commonly seen in living rooms and bedrooms.

If you’re looking for kitchen wall lamps, the EASY series would be a good choice as it can be tilted to direct the light onto a specific element when mounted on the wall. The same applies to bathroom wall lamps; EASY can also be installed on the ceiling.

We also have outdoor wall lamps, which can be found by selecting the Outdoor category and exploring our range there.


In addition to our collection featuring modern wall lamps, they are all of high quality, ensuring durability. They are made of metal.


If you’re looking for wall lamps with dimmers, we have various options available. Take a look at our DOT lamp, which is perfect for the bedroom, or the Moon series, which can also be used with a dimmer.

Our collection consists of LED wall lamps.

You can find all the technical specifications and installation instructions for each product on their respective pages.