Easy Lens Wall W120

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Elegant and functional wall lamp

EAY Lens Wall is part of the functional and minimalist EASY series, which is one of our absolute bestsellers. The series includes beautiful wall and ceiling lamps.

EASY Lens Wall is an elegant wall lamp with a lens both at the top and bottom. The light from the lamp is therefore formed into a beautiful arc both upwards and downwards. At the same time, the lens ensures that you are not dazzled by the light.


Design and functionality

With its simple design and beautiful light, the lamp is easy to integrate into various places in the home – both individually or in multiples. Since the light is evenly and diffusely distributed without causing uncomfortable glare effects, EASY Lens Wall is perfect for spaces where pleasant and functional lighting is essential. It can be used as a wall lamp in the living room, hallways, or in the guest room.

With the smart DTW (dimm to warm) function, you can easily adjust the light to the mood and needs by switching between cool and warm light.

If you need a model for ceiling mounting, consider the EASY Lens W120. It is also available in a double-variant with 2 lenses.


Technical specifications for EASY Lens Wall

Dimensions: H: 8.1cm, D: 15cm, W: 12cm.

See all technical specifications in our datasheet. You can download the datasheet from the link above.


Easy Lens Wall W120 LED 1800K – 2700K DTW – Black