Discover ANTIDARK Designline: The perfect combination of elegance and functionality

ANTIDARK's Designline track system is an elegant and modern lighting solution that operates on 230V and is perfect for both private residences and commercial spaces. With its minimalist design, it integrates stylishly into the ceiling without being obtrusive. The series offers many options with spots and pendants that can be placed flexibly to create various lighting effects. Designline is known for its high quality and robustness, made of aluminum and providing excellent light quality. The system is easy to install and compatible with standard mains voltage, making it a practical solution without the need for additional converters. With endless assembly possibilities and stylish appearance, Designline is the ideal choice for those who want sophisticated and discreet lighting.

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The popular track and spotlight series with exquisite design and many possibilities.
ANTIDARK’s Designline track system is one of our most popular series, and for good reason. With its 230V system, it pleasantly surprises many by offering an elegant and modern solution for all your lighting needs. The Designline track system is characterized by its slim design, making it less obtrusive and integrating stylishly into the ceiling without compromising aesthetics. Unlike bulkier alternatives, this system maintains a minimalist look, which perfectly fits contemporary and Scandinavian design principles. Additionally, the 230V track system is easy to install and provides robust performance. The Designline track system is ideal for both private residences and commercial spaces, ensuring high-quality lighting while preserving the elegance of your interior. Choose the 230V track system for a sophisticated, discreet lighting solution.

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What does it mean that it is 230V?

A 230V track system means that it is designed to operate with a standard mains voltage of 230 volts, which is the common voltage in the electrical grid in many European countries.

Here are some important points about 230V track systems:

  • Direct connection to the mains: 230V track systems can be directly connected to the standard power supply without the need for a transformer or driver to convert the voltage.
  • Efficiency and simplicity: Since there is no need for external transformers or drivers to reduce the voltage, the installation process becomes simpler and more efficient.
  • Standard compatibility: 230V is a standard voltage, making it easy to find compatible components and accessories for the system. This also makes maintenance and replacement of parts easier.

Overall, a 230V track system means it is a practical and standardized lighting solution that can be directly connected to the household mains without additional converters


One of the absolute favorites among our designs is the ANTIDARK Designline, which is a track system with many possibilities.

Characteristic of the series is its minimalistic design. We have here a track system where the track itself is simple and refined, and can be assembled in many different ways. The track system allows for the installation of both spots and pendants. The series is available in both black and white, with various associated spots and pendants.

The Designline series is incredibly popular due to its stylish design and high quality. Furthermore, it has almost unimaginable composition possibilities, where the tracks can be built together and used in both large and small spaces with spots and Tube pendants.

The Designline series is available in both black and white, with two different types of spots: Tube or Bell. Bell has a more rounded shape than Tube.

The design of the track itself is elegant and simple, taking up minimal space on the ceiling. With this series, you can achieve a luxurious look without disrupting the overall aesthetic.


Designline is flexible both in terms of how it can be assembled and of what you want your spots to illuminate. You can choose to use it as the primary lighting in a room, where it spreads light and warmth, or you can use it to highlight a specific object, creating direct lighting on it. It is also flexible in the sense that you can freely distribute your spots on the tracks and move them around easily.

With the Connector, you can connect the tracks to make them longer. The tracks are available in both 1 and 2 meters, and can easily be extended with connectors. If you need angled tracks, Designline Corner can be used for that purpose.


Despite its minimalistic design, the quality is top-notch, and the material is robust, made of aluminum. The same goes for the light quality. With this spotlight system, you can highlight elements on the wall or other areas with excellent lighting quality.

If you need more technical lighting for a store, we recommend taking a look at the Pro series.


The system is connected to the lamp outlet using the starter piece. There are both center-start and starter piece, depending on where you pull the wiring from.

The Designline series can be purchased as individual components or as a kit, which includes both the track, spots, and starter piece.