Designline Extension

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Accessories for the Designline Series

Designline Extension is one of many accessories available for our popular Designline series. This series consists of spots and tracks that can be combined in countless ways, allowing you to achieve perfect and tailored lighting in your surroundings.


Extend Your Designline Tube Spot with Designline Extension

Would you like to give your Designline Tube Spot a longer and sleeker appearance? With the Designline Extension front, you can extend your Designline Tube spot with 7 cm and transform its overall look.

The extension front is easy to screw on as a replacement for the small front that comes with the Tube spot.

It’s easy to mount and dismount, so it’s a good idea to keep the small front in case you wish to return to the original size.

Designline Extension front is available in both white and black to match your spots.


Achieve More Focused Lighting

By adding the Designline Extension front, your Tube spot will measure a total of 14 cm in length. Besides giving the spot a completely new appearance, it also allows you to change the character of the light. This enables you to achieve more focused lighting, which is perfect if you want to highlight art or similar objects.


Designline Extension Tube 70mm – White, Designline Extension Tube 70mm – Black