Designline Tube Kit 2m + 4 Spots

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Create a Personal Lighting Environment with Designline

The Designline series is our popular and versatile track lighting system that allows you to create truly unique combinations and arrangements, enabling you to shape the light exactly to your needs. The series encompasses a wide range of tracks, spotlights, and accessories in various variations, making it the perfect solution, whether you desire a practical and individual lighting design in the kitchen, office, hallway, or other spaces.


Designline Tube Kit 2m + 4 Spots – A Complete Track Lighting System

With the Designline Tube Kit 2m + 4 spots, you receive a complete package with a 2-meter track including starter piece, and 4 Tube Spots (GU10). Installation is straightforward, as the track simply connects to your existing lamp outlet via the starter piece. Afterward, you have full flexibility to place your spots on the track and adjust their positions according to your preferences and needs.

We Offer Various Variations of Complete Track Lighting Sets:

Our sets are available in two classic colors, black and white, and you also have the option to choose a set with our beautiful Bell Spot. If you wish to expand your lighting solution, you can purchase additional tracks, connectors, and spots as needed.

Note: The starter piece is located at the end of the power track and not in the middle. If you wish to connect the power supply in the middle of your system, you can combine two tracks using the Designline Centerstart. If you need to add more tracks, you will need a Connector to connect them properly.

The white track measures 1.9 meters, but with the connection of the necessary starter piece, the total length is 2 meters.
The black track will also be changed from 2 meters to 1.9 meters shortly.


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For guidance on installing the starter piece, please refer to this video: ANTIDARK Designline start guide


Designline Tube Kit 2m Incl. Start + 4 Spots – White, Designline Tube Kit 2m Incl. Start + 4 Spots – Black