Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots

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Customize your lighting with the Designline series

Designline is our popular track lighting system that allows you to create unique lighting combinations. The series offers a wide range of tracks, spots, and accessories in various variations, making it the ideal solution when you desire a practical and personalized lighting design in your kitchen, office, hallway, and many other places.


Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots – A complete track lighting system

This Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots is a complete track lighting set, including a 2-meter-long power track, a starter piece, and 4 Bell Spots (GU10).

The set is easy to install, as the track connects to existing light sockets through the starter piece. You then have the flexibility to place your spots as desired and rearrange them as needed.

With the Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots, you have everything you need to install the track and spots, for instance, over your kitchen counter. You can position the spots to shine down on the table or towards the wall, depending on your room’s requirements. The spots can be tilted and rotated, allowing you to easily adjust the lighting to your needs.


We offer several variations of complete track lighting sets:

All sets are available in two stylish colors, black or white. You can also choose the set with our stylish Tube Spot.

If you wish to expand your lighting solution, you can purchase additional tracks, connectors, and spots as needed. You can also combine pendant lights in the track using our pendant adapter.


Note: The starter piece should be placed at the end of the power track, not in the middle. If you want to connect the power supply in the middle of your system, you can use the Designline Centerstart by combining two tracks.

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Find installation instructions for the starter piece in this video: ANTIDARK Designline start guide


Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots – White, Designline Bell Kit 2m + 4 Spots – Black