Designline Cover

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Perfect Finish for Your Designline Track

The Designline series is known for its minimalist and sleek design, and with a Designline cover, you can achieve the perfect finishing touch. The cover is easily mounted on the track, creating an elegant and clean look that conceals the inner metal when you look up at the track.


Designline Cover – A Minimalistic and Easily Customizable Cover

Our Designline Cover is made of durable plastic and can be customized with a simple cut to fit the holes you need to cover on your track. It’s easy to adjust the cover precisely to your needs, depending on the placement of your spotlights and pendants.

The cover is one meter long and is available in both white and black, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your Designline track and the aesthetic expression you want to achieve in your spaces.


Designline Cover 1m – White, Designline Cover 1m – Black