Designline T-Connector

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Customized Lighting with the Designline Series

Designline is our popular track lighting system that offers great flexibility and numerous customization options. In this series, you’ll find a wide range of spotlights, tracks, and accessories that allow you to create customized lighting for your surroundings.


Connect Three Tracks with the Designline T-Connector

If you wish to connect three tracks in your Designline track lighting system to cover an even larger area in your home, you can use our Designline T-Connector. It can be easily mounted between your three tracks and can be used whether you want to connect 1 or 2-meter tracks.

In addition to the T-Connector, we also offer two other types of connectors:

Designline Connector – for extending the tracks

Designline Corner – for creating a corner with your tracks


The Designline T-Connector is available in both white and black to match your tracks. Remember that you’ll need to use either a Designline Start or Center Start to connect power to the tracks.


For installation guidance, please refer to the installation instructions above or watch this video:


Designline T-Connector – White, Designline T-Connector – Black

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