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With 25 years of experience in designing lighting solutions, we have supplied lamps and lighting for many different projects, for stores, office environments, hairdressers, hotels, construction companies and more. See a selection of our case stories below.

ANTIDARK Spots Izumi


The Japanese restaurant chain Izumi has restaurants in Denmark. We have advised them and delivered lighting for their restaurant in both Ballerup and Frederiksberg.

For the restaurant in Frederiksberg they chose Tubo Downlight in black for the ceiling, which you can see in the picture. In addition they chose EASY 3-Phase.


No matter which product is to be highlighted, the light can help to make the difference.
For the clothing shop VILA, shown in the picture here, we have delivered spots that both highligt the clothes and shop displays.

For stores where it is important that the colors of the clothes, shoes, etc. are reproduced correctly, the light plays a significant role.

The ANTIDARK S-series has many options and the composition depends on your product, the size of the room/shop, the furniture etc. We always advice individually.

ANTIDARK Spots in VILA 2700K
ANTIDARK in Officelab

Office environments

We spend a lot of time at the workplace. It is important that the atmosphere is comfortable – the light is a part of that.

At the office community at Officelab in Aarhus, it is possible ro rent both offices and meeting rooms. We have delivered lighting for Officelab.

For the common areas they chose ANTIDARK Moon, which provide a pleasant light and has a contemporary and gorgeous design.

New built house

Over the years, we have delivered many lamps to the beautiful Skanlux houses, which are built in several places in Denmark – both holiday homes and private homes.

We supply both lighting for indoor and outdoor areas.

For the terrace in this Trend holiday hom from Skanlux, they have chosen a solution where ANTIDARK downlight has been used for the ceiling and ANTIDARK Arca hangs on the walls.

We are able to deliver within 1-3 days. Therefore a company like Skanlux, can cooperate with us without worring about delays in their projects.



ANTIDARK_ARCA outdoor lamp
ANTIDARK Descaplant

Flower shops

You almost can’t find more beautiful colors at one place than in a flower shop. The correct color reproduction and pleasant light are important and a huge part of the whole experience.

At Descaplant in Belgium, we have delivered S19 spots and tracks, they almost make the flowers bloom even more.

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ANTIDARK Spots in office

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