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With over 25 years of experience in lighting design and project planning, we at ANTIDARK specialise in professional lighting and have supplied lamps for a wide range of projects. From shops and offices to hairdressers, hotels, construction companies and more. We offer many project lighting solutions, all of which combine high quality with a stylish look.

Explore some of our previous projects here and find inspiration for your project. If you want to optimise your lighting, please contact our lighting consultants for a no-obligation dialogue. They are ready to answer any questions and can help with everything from calculations to design plans.

Lighting in restaurants

- Create the right atmosphere

In the restaurant industry, atmosphere is important and the key to creating the right ambience in a restaurant lies in professional and well-considered lighting. At ANTIDARK, we understand that every restaurant has its own unique style and needs, which requires a customised approach to each project.

ANTIDARK Spots Izumi


For the Japanese restaurant chain Izumi, it was crucial to find a lighting solution that both respected their aesthetic values and enhanced their guests’ dining experience. Our collaboration with Izumi in both the Ballerup and Frederiksberg restaurants is an excellent example of how targeted lighting can transform a space.

By using a combination of Tubo Downlight and our 3-phase Easy, an atmosphere was created that not only emphasises the restaurant’s unique décor, but also enhances the visual presentation of the food.

S16 spot sort

Store lighting

- Highlighting products

When it comes to retail, store lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting and appealing shopping experience. Lighting is not just about illuminating a space, but creating an atmosphere that highlights products in all areas and attracts customers.

ANTIDARK Spots in VILA 2700K


For the fashion store Vila, we have provided a lighting solution that effectively highlights both the rails and racks, which is essential for presenting the clothes in the most appealing way. By using spots from our ANTIDARK S-series, we have ensured that each item is captured in the best light, enhancing the customer’s visual experience.

Our S-series offers great flexibility and can be customised to suit different needs – from the smallest boutique environment to large retail chains. We take into account factors such as room size, ceiling height and general layout to ensure that our lighting solutions not only fulfil functional requirements, but also help create an atmosphere that invites customers in and highlights the unique character of the store.

Project lighting at KVIK

Our experience in store lighting spans many years and industries. An example of our expertise is our long-standing collaboration with the kitchen chain KVIK. For over 15 years, we have been a supplier to KVIK, where we have provided lighting for over 100 stores across Europe. You can read more about our work with KVIK and see how we have contributed to creating inviting and functional store environments.

Office lighting

- Increased efficiency and well-being

In modern office environments, lighting is not just a functional necessity, but a crucial factor in creating a productive and comfortable working environment. The right light can have a huge impact on employee wellbeing and efficiency. That’s why we offer lighting solutions that combine functionality with aesthetic design to create inspiring workplaces.

Moon C600 black Officelab


An example of our approach to office lighting can be seen at Officelab in Aarhus, Denmark. A large office community where it is possible to rent both offices and meeting rooms. Here we have provided lighting for their common areas using ANTIDARK Moon. This lighting solution not only provides a pleasant light, but also contributes a modern and stylish design that enhances the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of the space.

S16 spot, sort med guldfrontring

Lighting for new builds

- Customised solutions for homes

Lighting in new builds plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and atmosphere of the space. Each new build project has its own unique requirements and style, which requires a customised lighting solution. Our goal is to provide lighting that not only fulfils functional needs, but also complements the architecture and improves the quality of life for the occupants.

ANTIDARK Spots in-skanlux


A prominent example of our work in new builds is our collaboration with Skanlux. Over the years, we have supplied many lamps for the beautiful summer houses and private residences that are springing up around Denmark – both indoor and outdoor lights.

In the Trend summer houses from Skanlux, we have used ANTIDARK downlights on the ceiling and ANTIDARK Arca on the walls, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing on the terrace.

At ANTIDARK, we are proud to offer lighting solutions that are both innovative and timeless, making them ideal for a wide range of new build projects.

We’re always on time and deliver within 1-3 days, making us a reliable partner for large construction companies like Skanlux, who can rely on us for timely delivery without worrying about delays on their construction projects.

Global Tube pro GU10 white

Flower shops

- Lighting that brings out the colours

If there’s one place where there are many beautiful colours, it’s a flower shop. The correct colour rendering and comfortable lighting is therefore important and a big part of the whole experience.

ANTIDARK Descaplant


An example of our expertise in this niche is our work with Descaplant in Belgium. In collaboration with Light Consult, we have delivered lighting that includes S19 spots and tracks. This lighting solution is designed to ensure correct colour rendering and create a pleasant atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the flowers and almost makes them bloom even more.

Contact our lighting advisors

Do you need help with your project or do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our lighting consultants. At ANTIDARK, we can help with a customised lighting solution that fits your exact needs and vision. Our team of experienced advisors are ready to guide you through the many options and help you find the perfect solution.

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