For over 15 years, ANTIDARK has had the great pleasure of collaborating with Kvik, a leading player in kitchen interior design. We take pride in providing lighting solutions to over 100 Kvik stores across Europe. This partnership has allowed us to showcase our expertise in lighting and tailor our products to fit Kvik's unique needs and values.

Optimal lighting for KVIK stores

Our primary goal is to ensure that Kvik’s stores receive the right amount of light. Well-balanced lighting is crucial for showcasing kitchen products in the best possible way and creating a pleasant atmosphere for customers. We have worked diligently with Kvik to design and implement lighting systems that meet these needs and create an inviting environment in their stores.
In collaboration with Kvik, we have had the pleasure of delivering lighting solutions that not only meet the technical requirements but also align perfectly with the company's values and environmental goals.

Environmental Awareness and Green Transition.

Kvik is both environmentally conscious and committed to green transition. As a company dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint, they have very stringent requirements for the lighting solutions they choose for their stores. We have worked closely with Kvik to ensure that our lighting solutions fully meet these requirements.

Neutral lighting and energy-efficient spotlights

Kvik prioritizes neutral lighting to create the right atmosphere in their stores. Our lighting systems are carefully selected to meet this requirement. We have integrated energy-efficient spotlights to minimize energy consumption, which aligns perfectly with Kvik’s sustainable approach.

Barndoor and high CRI for focused lighting.

To achieve the desired lighting in specific areas of Kvik’s stores, we have implemented barndoor technology. This allows for precise light control and focusing where needed. Additionally, our lighting solutions ensure a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is crucial for showcasing kitchen materials and colors in the most accurate way.

Logo projectors for branding

To reinforce Kvik’s branding and create visual recognition, we have provided logo projectors. These projectors allow for highlighting Kvik’s logo and creating a striking brand image in the stores. It’s an effective way to communicate the company’s identity and establish a strong connection with customers.


These ANTIDARK spots are used at Kvik.

In addition to logo projectors, ANTIDARK S19 LED spotlights are used in all Kvik stores. These high-quality spotlights ensure that Kvik’s stores have optimal lighting with a CRI value exceeding 90.


stands for Color Rendering Index and is a measurement of how well a light source reproduces colors compared to daylight. CRI is rated on a scale from 0 to 100, where a higher value indicates better color rendering.

A light source with a high CRI will render the colors in an object or the surroundings more naturally and realistically than a light source with a lower CRI.

ANTIDARK_S19_ black
ANTIDARK_S19_ white

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