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Outdoor lamps in timeless design and high quality

The entrance area, terrace, and garden are also spaces—a space where lighting can make a big difference. ANTIDARK's collection of outdoor lamps brings the best of Scandinavian design to your outdoor space, whether for project use or private residences. Our carefully selected outdoor lighting combines simplicity with durability, allowing you to create a cozy atmosphere with lamps designed to last and built to withstand changing weather conditions. We offer a wide range of outdoor lamps, from stylish outdoor wall lamps to modern ceiling lamps and classic bed lamps. Our lamps come with an integrated LED light source, ensuring a long lifespan and a quality of light that is perfect for everything from the terrace to the driveway. Discover our outdoor lamps and view the entire selection here. We hope you find the perfect outdoor lighting for your outdoor space.

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The importance of good outdoor lighting

Good outdoor lighting is about transforming a space to be both functional and welcoming as the sun sets. Outdoor lighting creates an ambiance, guides the way through the darkness, and enhances safety by illuminating steps and pathways. A lit driveway or garden welcomes guests, and wall lamps that cast light over the facade enhance the home’s architecture and contribute to a sense of security.

As darkness falls, the light extends the time we can spend outdoors, creating a transition between day and night that softens the boundaries between inside and outside. Good outdoor lighting considers the surrounding elements and uses high-quality light sources and materials to ensure that the lamps last for many hours and can withstand the changing seasons.

Durable outdoor lamps at an affordable price

Design matters when choosing your outdoor lamps, but quality and safety are also crucial. In the search for the ideal lighting and lamp for your home, it often comes down to finding the right balance between quality, style, and budget. Most are looking for affordable outdoor lamps that fit within an economic framework while still meeting aesthetic and functional needs.

At ANTIDARK, we offer beautiful outdoor lamps at an affordable price, and no matter which of our outdoor lamps you choose, you can enjoy them for many years. The quality is top-notch, both in terms of providing good light and also the materials the lamps are made from.

Outdoor lamps are available in several different materials. All our outdoor lamps are made of aluminum, which ensures a robust design that can withstand wind, rain, and sleet and that you can be sure will endure being outdoors. The shade is made of durable plastic, which is also resistant to weather influences and UV radiation, preventing your lamps from fading over time.

Our selection of outdoor lamps

At ANTIDARK, we present a wide range of outdoor lamps for your outdoor environment in many different designs. What they all have in common is that they are modern outdoor lamps with a timeless aesthetic that suits any home.

Our range includes elegant wall lamps, practical ceiling lamps, and decorative bed lamps. Each lamp design in our collection is carefully selected to ensure high quality and durability against the elements.

Outdoor lamps with integrated LED

Alle vores udendørslamper er udstyret med integreret LED-belysning, hvilket betyder, at lyskilden allerede er indbygget i lampen. Dette fjerner behovet for at købe og installere LED-pærer separat, hvilket gør installationen både enkel og mere bekvem. Derudover giver lamper med indbygget LED et rigtig godt lys og har en lang levetid.

Dimmable outdoor lamps

Dimmable outdoor lamps are a fantastic addition to any outdoor area, as they allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting as needed and desired. Many of the outdoor lamps featured here have a dimmable function, enabling you to create the perfect atmosphere for everything from a relaxing evening on the terrace to a festive gathering in the garden. This functionality also makes it possible to save energy by reducing the brightness when full light is not necessary.

Sleek black outdoor lamps

Choosing outdoor lamps is all about style and taste. They should provide good light when it’s dark and, of course, it doesn’t hurt if they look great and help create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the entrance area, terrace, or garden.

Common to our selection is that they are black outdoor lamps with an elegant design, that matches most outdoor areas. By investing in lamps with a classic and simple expression, you ensure that your lighting remains relevant and stylish year after year. Fashion trends may change, but a minimalist and timeless design always stays modern.

Sun Outdoor at entrance

Different types of garden lamps

It’s important to choose the type of lamps that best match your specific needs and intended use when it comes to outdoor lighting.

Perhaps you are looking for outdoor wall lamps in a classic design that illuminate your walls and highlight the architecture, or functional ceiling lamps that light up your driveway or terrace? Maybe you are searching for the perfect post lamps or bed lamps that add elegance and coziness to the garden.

At ANTIDARK, we offer a wide variety of outdoor lighting solutions that cater to every taste and functional need. So whether you need cozy lamps for the terrace, discreet lamps for the eaves, or a lamp to illuminate the ceiling of your covered area, we have the perfect lamps to light up and enhance your outdoor space.

Outdoor wall lamps

Outdoor wall lamps are a versatile lighting solution that can be mounted on walls, posts, or other vertical surfaces to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in outdoor areas. These lamps not only provide general lighting to illuminate dark areas around the home but also serve as decorative elements on your wall that can enhance and complement the house and property facade.

Find your next outdoor wall lamp in our collection.

We have several beautiful outdoor wall lamps that all provide cozy and functional outdoor lighting. On our page, you’ll find popular wall lamps such as Brick and Sun Outdoor from our outdoor collection.

Our range also includes the ARCA series, which is a black square cube wall lamp available in two different sizes, standard and XL. Here you can choose whether the lamp should light both upwards and downwards or if it should be the ARCA single, which only lights downwards. With cube outdoor lamps, you are guaranteed a timeless design that fits all facades.

In the series, you’ll also find the ARCA step, which is a smart lamp that can be used by stair steps. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, where it is mounted on your wall and shines light downward onto the steps. It provides beautiful lighting while being practical.

Slim Flex is another wall lamp that lights both upwards and downwards. This lamp has a sleek design and can also be adjusted to three different positions, depending on how wide you want the light beam.

If you are looking for an outdoor wall lamp that emits a soft light, Dolio is a great example. Here, the design is round, still minimalist and elegant – perfect as an outdoor wall lamp.

Outdoor ceiling lamps

Outdoor ceiling lamps are an excellent way to add both functionality and style to outdoor areas such as verandas, covered terraces, and entrances. These lamps provide a discreet lighting solution that does not take up valuable space, yet still delivers good lighting for everyday use and social gatherings after dark.

Our collection of outdoor ceiling lamps

Are you looking for stylish and flexible outdoor ceiling lamps, EASY outdoor is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for installing in the ceiling of a carport or mounting in an overhang, ensuring good lighting around the house and in the driveway.

It is also ideal for covered terraces, always providing comfortable and cozy lighting at the garden table. The spotlight can both swivel and tilt, allowing you to easily adjust the light to where you need it.

Freestanding garden lamps

Freestanding outdoor lamps are somewhat similar to outdoor floor lamps. They are also referred to as bollards or bed lamps and are an ideal solution for highlighting and illuminating gardens, paths, flower beds, and other outdoor living areas. These lamps not only provide practical lighting that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space after dark but also add a visually appealing element to the landscape.

Our collection of bed lamps and freestanding garden lamps

In our collection, you will find several different freestanding garden lamps and bed lamps, each well-suited for specific purposes.

Our popular bollard ITA is a freestanding bed lamp that provides a diffuse and comfortable light, making it especially suitable for flower beds, along entrance areas, and as outdoor lamps for the terrace. The same applies to Frame, which is also a freestanding outdoor lamp that will add a sculptural element to your outdoor area.

You will also find ITA Flex, which offers a downward and adjustable light, making it perfect for enhancing security and orientation in driveways and along pathways.

Installation of outdoor lamps

When it comes to outdoor lamps, it is important to consider safe and correct installation. Outdoor lamps are designed for outdoor use and can withstand the elements, but proper installation is key to long-lasting durability.

Outdoor lighting often involves a permanent installation, which should not be done by oneself. Therefore, when installing outdoor lamps, it is important to get help from a licensed electrician who can ensure that the installation meets all applicable standards and regulations.

Installation of a sensor

Installing a sensor for your outdoor lamp is an effective way to enhance both the security and energy efficiency of your outdoor lighting. By adding motion sensors to an outdoor lamp, you can ensure that the light is only activated when necessary, which saves on electricity consumption and extends the life of the lamp.

Motion sensors are particularly useful in areas where constant lighting is not necessary. This type of sensor detects movement and automatically turns on the light, making it ideal for places like driveways, garden paths, or backyards. When the motion ceases, the light turns off after a period, thus avoiding unnecessary power usage.

When installing a sensor for your outdoor lamp, it is important to position it so that it can detect movement from the correct directions and is free from obstructions that could block its range.