Arca Outdoor Step

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The perfect stair lamp, which can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The lamp gives a nice light down, and is therefore perfect as lighting for stairs so that you can see the steps.
You ensure a stylish look, as the lamp does not take up much space and is at the same time simple in its design.
Arca step can also be used as a regular wall lamp outside, where it looks nice and minimalist on a house wall or on a half-wall on the terrace.

The lamp is loopable, which means that you can connect the lamps to each other, i.e. they can be connected in series.

Arca Step is made of aluminium and is available in black. The size of the lamp is H: 10cm. W:10cm. D: 3.5cm.

Teknical specifications for Arca Outdoor Step

See all technical specifications in the datasheet, which you can find above.


Arca Outdoor Step LED – Black