Arca Outdoor W100

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A cube-shaped outdoor lamp that lights up and down.
The design is classic, yet modern and stylish.
When Arca lamps are placed in several places along the wall, you will see both from a distance and up close the beautiful expression the facade gets when the shape of the light form a nice pattern on the wall.

An extremely robust outdoor lamp, which is constructed in materials of good quality. You will be able to keep this lamp for many years.


Arca W100 is mad of aluminium and with a screen at both top and bottom, which makes it asy to clean the lamp.
The lamp has a built-in LED, so you don’t have to replace the light source.

The dimensions of the lamp is:

H: 10.2cm W: 10cm D:10.5cm

If you want a variant that only lights down, take a look at the Arca W100 Single.

Technical specifications for Arca Outdoor W100

See all technical specifications in the data sheet, which you can download above.


Arca Outdoor W100 LED – Black, Arca Outdoor W100 LED – Grey