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Tubus Outdoor | Elegant cylinder-shaped outdoor lamps

Meet Tubus Outdoor – the ideal outdoor wall lamp for those who wish to combine stylish design with practical utility. With its cylindrical design, it adds elegance and timelessness to any outdoor setting, while providing good and comfortable lighting.

Install it  by the terrace, where it will add a cozy ambiance on warm summer evenings, or use it to create a welcoming atmosphere at the driveway, front door, or around the house.


Tubus Outdoor comes in two different variants, varying in both size and lighting.

  • Tubus Outdoor Down LED: A small and elegant lamp with a height of 11 cm. This model provides a fine downward light, ideal for lower walls.
  • Tubus Outdoor Up/Down LED: This variant measures 21.2 cm in height and offers a beautiful light cone both upwards and downwards. Ideal for highlighting taller facades.


Design and Functionality

Tubus Outdoor is a durable outdoor lamp, made from high-quality materials. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy this outdoor lamp for many years to come, regardless of which model you choose.

The lamp is made of aluminum and equipped with a shade at the bottom or top/bottom, making it easy and convenient to clean. It is designed with built-in LED lighting, so you don’t need to replace the light source.

A practical feature of Tubus Outdoor is that the lamps are loopable, meaning you can connect several lamps together. This makes it easy to achieve uniform lighting in your outdoor areas. Additionally, the light is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to the mood and needs.


Technical specifications

3000K. IP65. Loopable.

Tubus Outdoor Down LED, dimensions: H:11cm W:8cm D:8cm.

Tubus Outdoor Up/Down LED, dimensions: H:21.2cm W:8cm D:8cm.

See all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Tubus Outdoor Down W108 LED – Black, Tubus Outdoor Up/Down W212 LED – Black, Tubus Outdoor Down W108 LED – Black, Tubus Outdoor Up/Down W212 LED – Black