Slim Flex Outdoor

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Nordic Outdoor Wall Lamp with Upward and Downward Light

Slim Flex Outdoor is an outdoor wall lamp that combines minimalist elegance with Nordic design, adding a timeless aesthetic to any outdoor space.

This streamlined wall lamp is versatile and suitable for various placements around your home. Designed to create a beautiful light cone both upward and downward, it adorns house facades while providing atmospheric and functional lighting.

Slim Flex Outdoor is perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere at your driveway or by the front door. You can also mount it on the terrace house wall, where it will infuse a cozy ambiance into the area.


Design and Functionality

Slim Flex Outdoor is a durable outdoor lamp crafted from high-quality materials. It is made of aluminum and equipped with both top and bottom shields. It comes with built-in LED lighting, eliminating the need for light source replacements.

You can adjust the spread of the light cone in 3 different positions to achieve the desired illumination. Slim Flex Outdoor is available in both classic black and an exclusive gold variant, each contributing its unique visual expression.

A practical feature of Slim Flex Outdoor is its ability to be looped together, allowing you to connect multiple lamps for consistent illumination in your outdoor areas. Additionally, it is dimmable, allowing you to tailor the brightness to match the mood and requirements.


Technical Specifications for Slim Flex Outdoor

Dimensions: H: 23cm. W: 4.4cm. D: 9cm.

For a complete overview of technical specifications, please refer to the downloadable datasheet above.


Slim Flex Outdoor W230 LED – Black, Slim Flex Outdoor W230 LED – Gold