Arca Outdoor Single W100

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Sleek cube-shaped outdoor lamp with downward light

Arca Outdoor Single W100 is the perfect choice for those seeking an outdoor lamp with a timeless and modern aesthetic. It adds an elegant and stylish atmosphere to your outdoor space and creates an impressive visual expression.

Wherever you choose to place your Arca Outdoor lamp, you can expect beautiful and inviting lighting that creates a pleasant atmosphere. It’s ideal for mounting on the house wall by the terrace, where it contributes to a cozy ambiance. It also works perfectly in the driveway or by the front door, where the light creates an inviting atmosphere.

When you place multiple Arca lamps along your wall, you’ll experience how they create beautiful downward light cones, forming a charming pattern on the facade, both from a distance and up close.


Design and Functionality

Arca Outdoor Single W100 is an incredibly durable outdoor lamp, made from high-quality materials. You can be confident that you will enjoy this outdoor lamp for many years to come.

The lamp is made of aluminum and features a bottom screen, making cleaning the lamp easy and convenient. Furthermore, it comes with built-in LED lighting, so you don’t have to replace the light source.

If you desire a variant that illuminates both up and down, check out ARCA Outdoor W100.
The lamp is also available in a larger model that illuminates both up and down:
Arca XL Outdoor W150.


Technical specifications for Arca Outdoor Single W100

Dimensions: H: 10.2cm. W: 10cm. D: 10.5cm.

Find all technical specifications in the datasheet, which you can download above.


Arca Outdoor Single W100 LED – Black