Dolio Outdoor W90

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Beautiful cylinder-shaped outdoor lamp with up and down light

Dolio Outdoor W90 is an outdoor wall lamp that combines stylish design with practical functionality. With its cylinder-shaped appearance, it adds elegance and timelessness to any outdoor environment and can be used in various places around your home.

The lamp is designed to emit light both upwards and downwards, creating a beautiful light cone that adorns house walls and provides atmospheric illumination.

It is well-suited for mounting on the house wall near the terrace, where it will add a cozy atmosphere to the area. You can also use it to create an inviting ambiance by the driveway or at the front door.


Design and functionality

Dolio Outdoor W90 is an incredibly durable outdoor lamp, crafted from high-quality materials. You can therefore be sure to enjoy this outdoor lamp for many years to come.

The lamp is made of aluminum and features a screen at the top and bottom, making it easy and convenient to clean. It comes with built-in LED lights, so you won’t need to replace the light source.

A practical feature of Dolio Outdoor W90 is its loopable function, allowing you to connect multiple lamps together. This makes it easy to achieve consistent lighting in your outdoor areas. Furthermore, it is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit the mood and needs.


Technical specifications for Dolio Outdoor W90

Dimensions: H: 10.5cm. W: 9cm. D: 13cm.

View all technical specifications in the datasheet, which you can download above.


Dolio Outdoor W90 LED – Black