Stylish wall lamps with multiple functions

Welcome to our selection of wall lamps, where functionality meets aesthetics in perfect harmony. Wall lamps can do much more than just provide light. They are also decorative elements that can transform any space and create a welcoming atmosphere with their soft illumination and eye-catching design. Our collection of wall lamps has been carefully selected to complement various spaces and add a touch of warmth and character to your decor. In our range, you will find a diversity of wall lamps suited to every need and taste. Whether you are looking for discreet lighting to create a cozy atmosphere, a functional reading lamp for the reading nook, the ultimate bedside lamp, or a more striking brass wall lamp to serve as the centerpiece of the room.

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Quality wall lamps at affordable prices

In the quest to find the perfect lighting for the home, it often becomes a balancing act between quality, style, and budget.

Many are in search of affordable wall lamps that not only meet their aesthetic and functional needs but also fit within an economically feasible framework.

When navigating the wide array of lighting options, it’s important to keep an eye out for designs that blend timeless aesthetics with long-lasting functionality. This ensures that even when searching for more economically affordable solutions, you don’t compromise on the lamp’s quality or lifespan.

At ANTIDARK, you’ll find lamps that beautifully illuminate your home without draining your wallet, while still adding an elegant touch to your space.

Our wall lamps are designed with an attention to detail, where quality and aesthetics go hand in hand, reflecting the essence of Scandinavian design – minimalist, timeless, and beautiful.

Let yourself be inspired by our many wall lamps and discover how the right wall lamp can transform a room, create ambiance, and add both functionality and beauty to your home.

Beautiful wall lamps in various materials

The right wall lamp can make a big difference in decor.

Our wall lamps come in various materials and colors, each offering its unique design and expression to the room. Therefore, there are many options for finding a lamp that meets your needs and fits in your home.

Metal wall lamps

Most of our wall lamps are made of metal, symbolizing durability, and timeless elegance. Metal is naturally robust, ensuring that the wall lamps can withstand the test of time. At the same time, metal wall lamps offer great versatility in design, ranging from beautiful, classic wall lamps to modern and captivating designs.

We have a wide spectrum of different colors within our exclusive selection of metal wall lamps. A white or black wall lamp offers a timeless aesthetic that easily integrates into any decor, providing subtle elegance. For those looking to add a more striking and eye-catching element to their space, we also offer wall lamps in a range of luxurious and modern colors, including brass, titanium, and rose gold.

If you want a wall light in your home in brass or one of the other metallic colours, take a look at our popular Easy lamps. They come in various models and can be used both as a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp.

Glass wall lamps

Our selection also includes glass wall lamps, which bring a unique blend of elegance and atmospheric lighting into the room. Among these, you will find our exclusive Palla series, characterized by their spherical glass shades in frosted glass, casting a beautiful diffuse light.

These wall lamps can transform any area in your home by adding a layer of refinement and visual interest.

ANTIDARK Flex wall lamp in bedroom

Placement of wall Lamps

A wall lamp can be used in virtually any room, where they not only decorate the wall but also serve the function of providing light to a specific area of the room.

Indoor wall lamps are most used in living rooms and bedrooms, but they can easily be integrated into any part of the home.

We aim to offer a wall lamp for every room, understanding that the function of the lamp must match the unique character of the area. Therefore, our selection of wall lamps includes various designs, each capable of bringing something special to your space.

Wall Lamps with focused lighting

Our wall lamps with adjustable spots are designed to offer maximum versatility and functionality. These lamps are perfect for directing light exactly where you need it most. Whether it’s to create an ideal reading light in reading nooks, provide focused illumination over kitchen workstations, or highlight artworks. A lamp like this gives you the ability to customize the lighting to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for lamps with adjustable and focused light, you might want to take a look at our SpotOn and Easy lamps, or the Flex Wall lamp.

Wall Lamps with diffuse lighting

In every home, the desire is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where rooms are not only functional, but also a place to relax and feel comfortable.

Wall lamps with diffuse lighting play a crucial role here, as they easily enable you to create the perfect ambiance in your home. Whether it’s in the living room, bathroom, or any other space that could benefit from a cozier light.

The Moon wall lamp is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add both style and soft light to your spaces.

Wall lamps with combined focused and diffuse lighting

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, lighting is a crucial factor. Wall lamps with combined focused and diffuse lighting is a flexible solution that meets various needs, making it an ideal choice as bedside lamps.

In the morning, a soft, diffuse light can help create a calm start to the day, while focused lighting is indispensable in the evening when you want to immerse yourself in your favorite book in bed without disturbing your partner.

Circle Wall and Dot Wall are excellent choices for bedside lamps, as both offer the ability to switch between different types of light. Additionally, both have a dimming function.

Outdoor wall lamps

The lamps on this page are for indoor use, but we naturally also offer a wide selection of stylish outdoor lamps for wall mounting.

You can explore all our outdoor wall lamps in the Outdoor category and see our selection there.

Important considerations when choosing a wall lamp

Dimmer – Switch between functional and decorative lighting

A built-in dimmer in LED wall lamps gives you the freedom to easily switch between functional lighting and decorative lighting. This allows you to adjust the light from a good reading light to softer cosy lighting as needed.

With the option to turn off the light or adjust its intensity, you can create the perfect ambiance in any room, use the lamp efficiently, and enjoy different types of lighting.

Most of our wall lights are dimmable, and on the Dot Wall and Circle Wall, you can even dim the light directly on the lamp.

Integrated LED or replaceable light source

When choosing your new wall lamp, you should also consider whether you want a lamp with integrated LED or replaceable light sources.

Integrated LEDs offer long lifespan and energy efficiency, eliminating the need to change bulbs.

If you opt for the latter, you’ll need to find a bulb to fit the lamp’s socket. Here, we recommend purchasing an LED bulb, which is the most energy-efficient and offers the most options in terms of brightness and color temperature. Remember to check the lamp’s socket type before buying a bulb.

Combine wall lamps with other types of lighting

To create a well-lit and atmospheric home, it’s important to combine wall lamps with other light sources. Table lamps provide personalized and focused lighting for reading and work areas, while ceiling lamps and pendants ensure even general lighting that illuminates the entire room.

By integrating these different types of lamps – table lamp, ceiling lamp, pendant, and wall lamps – you can achieve a harmonious and functional lighting solution that is both inviting and aesthetically appealing.

Find your new wall lamp here

We hope you find the perfect wall lamp for your home in our selection.

Our wall lamps are designed with versatility in mind, meaning many of them can also be used as ceiling lamps. They are crafted to enhance the aesthetics of your home, whether mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Whether you’re seeking an elegant lamp to illuminate the living room, a practical reading light for the bedroom, or a stylish solution for the kitchen, we have a lamp type that suits your needs.

We look forward to assisting you in finding your new lamp here with us, where quality and design go hand in hand.