Palla Mini C90

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About the Palla Series – Enchanting Glass Lamps in Various Variations

Palla is a captivating series of round lamps made of opal glass, available in several different sizes and models. These lamps not only add a sophisticated and exclusive touch to your decor but also present a simple and classic design that effortlessly blends with your existing space.


Palla Mini C90 – The Small Single Glass Lamp with Many Possibilities

Palla Mini C90 is the smallest single wall/ceiling lamp in the series with a glass globe of 10 cm.

A lamp suitable for many different places.

The Palla Mini C90 has an IP44 rating for indoor use, making it perfect for the bathroom – for instance, on each side of the mirror. You can also use it as an elegant alternative to a traditional bedside lamp, in the cozy corner of the living room, or as welcoming entryway lighting.

These beautiful glass lamps can be used individually, in multiples, or combined across models to create a cohesive expression throughout the home.


Design and Functionality

The Palla series is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. The frosted glass provides pleasant, diffused lighting that creates an atmospheric ambiance without causing glare. Furthermore, Palla is constructed in a way that beautifully disperses light across the entire glass surface without creating shadows.

Like the rest of the series, Palla Mini C90 is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs, activity, and mood. Additionally, it features a Dim to Warm function, enabling you to switch between cold and warm lighting.

The spherical glass lamp is mounted on an aluminum base available in brass and titanium finishes. The base creates a beautiful contrast to the soft form of the glass globe and elegantly frames the lamp.

Note: delivered without cable hole.


Technical Specifications for Palla Mini C90

Palla Mini C90 measures: Ø: 10cm. H: 10.5cm.

You can find all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Palla Mini C90 DTW LED – Brass, Palla Mini C90 DTW LED – Titanium