SpotOn Circle1

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The SpotOn series is abailable in many dirrerent variants and colors. SpotOn Circle1 is just one of the vaiants. You will here get a lamp with many options.

The spot is placed on a round base and can be tuned and rotated in many directions. Therefore, it works perfectly as both a ceiling lamp and a wall lamp. This particular variant, as well as SpotOn 1, is extremely suitable as a wall lamp – especially as a bedside lamp or a lamp over a table that stands against the wall, for excample the utility table, where they look great when there are sevaral lamps placed on a long wall.

SpotOn Circle 1 is available in several dirrerent colors; white, black, titanium and brass. The titanium variant is available with a black base, but from week 4 2023 SpotOn Circle 1 will be abailable in full titanium (both base and spot) and full brass. Very stylish and modern spots.

Extra gold front ring is included.

SpotOn Circle 1 is mad of aluminum and and has a replaceable light source. The light source is easily changed by unscrewing the tube from the spot.


Ø:8cm. H:12.5cm.

Technical specifications for SpotOn Circle 1:

Please see the datasheet for technical specifications.


SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – White, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – White/Gold, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Black, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Black/Gold, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Black/Titanium, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Brass, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Titanium, SpotOn Circle1 GU10 – Titanium