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Buy accessories for your ANTIDARK lamps here

Explore our selection of accessories and add-ons for lamps. We offer a range of cylinder options for Designline and SpotOn in various colors, frontrings for several of our lamp series, and honeycomb filters. With our accessories, you can change the character of the light and easily change the expression of your ANTIDARK lamp without having to invest in new ones.

Give your lamps a new expression

One of the significant advantages of our accessories is that you can change the look of your lamps in no time to match the rest of your decor.

Are you tired of the black color of your Designline Pro spots and wish you had bought them in titanium? You can easily replace them by purchasing new cylinders. The cylinders are available in black, brass, rose gold, and titanium, providing great options to find a color that harmonizes with your style.

Frontrings for Designline and EASY are another simple way to change the lamp’s expression. Even small details can make a big difference, and new frontrings are an obvious choice if you want to add an extra WOW factor.

Change the lighting character with honeycomb filters

In our selection, you will also find honeycomb filters, perfect for changing the lighting character. These filters ensure that the light does not cause glare when pointing in a direction where it could have been an issue. They come in various sizes and can be used with our EASY series as well as Designline Tube Pro, S16, and all SpotOn lamps.