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ANTIDARK Cylinder are the tubes from our Designline Pro spots as well as all SpotOn and SpotOn circle lamps.

With Cylinder, you have the option to replace the tubes on these spots and thus change the whole expression. A smart and easy way to reuse your spots, and at the same time get completely “new” spots – at least in terms of expression.

Perhaps you have bought our Designline series with black Designline Pro spots, but would like to change the expression in the room, for example by getting a modern and warm expression with spots in brass. You can do that very easily by buying these brass cylinders. After this, you simply unscrew the tube from your current black spots and replace with brass, where you can also reuse the front ring on your black spots and the honey comb filter.

If you want to replace your front rings at the same time, you can buy them here:

And the same applies to the honey comb filter:

Cylinders can be purchased here in these 4 variants:

  • Black
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Rose Gold

Cylinder – Black, Cylinder – Brass, Cylinder – Rosegold, Cylinder – Titanium