SpotOn Circle3

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SpotOn Circle3 – Beautiful round lamp with 3 adjustable spots

The SpotOn series is one of our popular spotlight series with lamps available in various versions and colors. The series has a classic look that is easy to integrate and an aesthetic and functional design that matches any interior.

SpotOn Circle3 is the series’ large round spotlight with 3 spots, but you can also find variants with 1 or 2 spots.

The three spots are mounted on a beautiful round base and can be turned and rotated in many directions. This makes it easy to adjust the direction of the light according to your needs and where you require it.

SpotOn Circle3 is particularly well-suited as a ceiling lamp in hallways, entryways, or above the kitchen table, where the adjustable spots make it easy to tailor the light to the room’s function.


Design & functionality

SpotOn Circle3 comes in both a white and black model, each with its own expression. The white variant elegantly blends into most ceilings, while the black provides a nice contrast and breaks the surface.

An extra gold front ring is also included for all three spots, giving you the option to change the look and add extra elegance.

SpotOn Circle3 is made of aluminum and features a replaceable light source. The light source can be easily changed by unscrewing the tube from the spotlight.


Technical specifications

SpotOn Circle3 measures: Diameter: 25 cm. Height: 12.5cm.

Refer to the datasheet for all technical specifications.


SpotOn Circle3 GU10 – White, SpotOn Circle3 GU10 – White/Gold, SpotOn Circle3 GU10 – Black, SpotOn Circle3 GU10 – Black/Gold