Easy Lens Double W2100

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EASY is our popular series of functional and minimalist wall and ceiling lamps, which is one of our absolute bestsellers.

In the series, you will find EASY Lens Double. A beautiful black lens lamp with two lenses attached to a base. The lenses provide a pleasant and functional light and ensure that you are not dazzled.

EASY Lens Double is for ceiling mounting and is suitable many different places in the home.

The functional design makes it easy to adjust the direction of the light by turning the lenses.

The lamp has dim to warm, so you can adjust between cold and warm light according to your needs.


Technical specifications for EASY Lens Double:

See all technical specifications in our data sheet. You can download the data sheet in the link above.

You will also find the installation instructions, which guide you through mounting the lamp.


Easy Lens Double W2100 LED 1800K – 2700K DTW – Black