Dot Wall W120

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Dot Wall – Elegant and Functional Reading Lamp

Dot Wall W120 is a wall lamp that combines beautiful design with great functionality. Its round shape gives the lamp a timeless and elegant expression, making it a fine decoration that adds character to your walls.

Whether you need a practical bedside lamp or reading light or want to enhance the ambient lighting in your room, Dot Wall is a versatile solution. You can easily switch between focused task lighting and cozy mood lighting to meet your needs and preferences.


Design and Functionality

Dot Wall is a functional lamp with a flexible shade that can be rotated and tilted. This is a practical feature if you need reading light, but it’s also ideal for creating a decorative light pattern on the wall.

The lamp is designed with two different lighting settings:

Direct light, perfect for reading or focused tasks, and softer lighting that shines upward on the wall, casting a pleasant and diffused glow into the room. Operating the lamp is easy thanks to a discreet button on the wall bracket, where you can also adjust the brightness.

Dot Wall comes in three elegant color variations: Classic white, timeless black, and a contrasting white/black. Regardless of your interior style or preferences, you can find the right color combination that perfectly suits your home.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Ø:12cm. D: 8cm.

See all technical specifications in the datasheet, which you can download above.


Dot Wall W120 LED – White, Dot Wall W120 LED – White/White, Dot Wall W120 LED – Black