Moon C160 Plafond

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Stylish Flush Mount series

MOON is our series of elegant and stylish flush mount ceiling lamps, which are full of possibilities. The softened round shade emits a pleasant diffused light, spreading widely throughout the room and creating a great atmosphere.

One of the unique features of the ANTIDARK Moon is the uniform and elegant light that extends all the way to the edge of the lamp – the light is not limited to just the center of the fixture. The light is evenly and delicately spread, making the lamp more pleasing to the eye, even when the ceiling light is dimmed.


Many possible uses

Moon C160 is mounted directly on the ceiling, taking up no space downward into the room. This makes it easy to utilize space in a room with low ceiling height, which can otherwise be challenging.

Use MOON C160 as comfortable ceiling lighting or decorative wall art.

MOON C160 is the smallest lamp in the series, which includes a total of four sizes. With a diameter of just 16 cm, the lamp is ideal for narrow hallways, entryways, or as a wall lamp by the stairs.

There’s a MOON lamp for every need and space. By installing several lamps from the series in your home, you can create harmony and a consistent connection in your decor.

You can choose Moon C160 in black or white aluminum and with either 2700 or 3000 kelvin. MOON is a dimmable flush mount ceiling fixture, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to mood and requirements.


Technical specifications for MOON C160:

Dimensions: Diameter: 16cm. Height: 6cm.

Find all technical specifications in the datasheet, which you can locate in the link above.


Moon C160 Plafond LED 2700K – White, Moon C160 Plafond LED 2700K – Black, Moon C160 Plafond LED 3000K – White, Moon C160 Plafond LED 3000K – Black