S16 Spot Fixed Mounting

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S16 Spot Fixed Mounting – Minimalist Spotlight for Various Projects

Our popular S16 spotlight is now available in a model where it is fixed-mounted on a rosette, allowing you to use it without the global track. If you desire a streamlined appearance that seamlessly fits into any environment, S16 Spot Fixed Mounting is the ideal choice.

This stylish spotlight is suitable for a wide range of commercial purposes, such as store lighting or restaurant lighting, where it creates an inviting atmosphere and adds elegance to the space.

For private projects, S16 Spot Fixed Mounting can also be used in many areas. This elegant spotlight is perfect for illuminating artworks, architectural details, or specific areas within a residence. Additionally, it functions perfectly as functional lighting in practical spaces like the kitchen and utility room.


Design & Functionality:

S16 Fixed Mounting features an integrated light source with dimmable functionality, allowing you to adjust the light for activity, mood, and needs.

With a warm color temperature of 2700K, S16 Fixed Mounting creates a cozy atmosphere suitable for various purposes. The light is also functional, and with the smart tilt and swivel function, you can effortlessly direct the illumination in the desired direction.

S16 Fixed Mounting is available in both timeless white and classic black, making it easy to complement your decor.


Technical Specifications:

S16 Spot Fixed Mounting measures: Diameter: 6 cm, Top Diameter: 10 cm, Length: 17.9 cm.

You can find all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


S16 LED 2700K Fixed Mounting – White, S16 LED 2700K Fixed Mounting – Black