Square Ceiling

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Stylish Square Spotlight

Square Ceiling is a beautiful square ceiling light that combines functionality and sleek design. The clean geometric shape adds edge and calm, blending seamlessly into any space.

Square Ceiling is a versatile lamp that complements every interior style, making it perfect for various settings. It works perfectly as a lighting solution in hallways, utility rooms, or kitchens, where it provides functional illumination for cooking and daily activities.

No matter where you decide to place Square Ceiling, it seamlessly integrates as a natural part of your everyday space, offering both practical lighting and aesthetic appeal.


Design and Functionality

Square Ceiling comes with an integrated LED light source with a warm color temperature of 2700K, creating a pleasant ambiance.

The lamp is available in both white and black, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your decor. The white version adds an elegant lightness to the room, while the black version offers a timeless contrast and depth.


Technical Specifications for Square Ceiling

Dimensions: Diameter: 8.5cm, Height: 9.3cm

See all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Square Ceiling LED 2700K – White, Square Ceiling LED 2700K – Black