5 tips for good store lighting

Did you know that proper store lighting can boost your sales?

Lighting is an important part of any decor and means more than you might think. This applies to private homes, but also in stores, restaurants, and office environments, lighting has a hidden role in our behavior and mood.

The right lighting for a store can even help boost your sales. It may sound a bit strange, but it’s true. For many of our customers, changing their lighting setup has had a positive impact on sales in their physical stores.

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How to achieve optimal lighting in your store

A large part of our sensory input comes through sight, and poor lighting can therefore have a negative effect on your customers’ behavior. If you want to ensure the right atmosphere and good experiences for your customers, the right store lighting is an important element.

The right store lighting will help attract your customers and increase sales, while the wrong store lighting will send them to your competitors.

Regardless of what kind of store you have, the lighting helps to enhance the overall value of the space.

It is largely about creating an atmosphere and experience that customers want to be a part of and that makes it attractive to explore the store. Just like the inventory, wall colors, and the rest of the interior are contributing factors.

Color rendering, light levels, and the choice and placement of lamps will have a significant, but completely invisible, impact on customers.

Read on as we guide you on how to achieve the perfect lighting in your store. The following tips apply whether it concerns lighting for clothing stores, shoe stores, or other retail shops that aim to create the best atmosphere and optimally highlight their products.

1. Focus on the basic technical terms

Are you facing the challenge of setting up a store with lighting but finding it difficult to figure out how to approach it?

Store lighting can be tricky.

Not only is there a huge selection of different types of lamps, there are also some basic technical terms that you should be familiar with when it comes to the various light sources.

This is crucial to whether the light ultimately achieves the desired effect in your store.

The terms you should focus on are:

  • Lumens | brightness
  • Lux | illuminance
  • Kelvin | color temperature
  • CRI / Ra value | color rendering
  • Beam angle | how much the light beam spreads

There can be a big difference in whether warm or cold light should be used, how bright the light should be, what the optimal beam angle is, and so on. Therefore, the technical terms are an important element if you want to optimize your store lighting.

Butiksbelysning / Store lighting VILA

2. Use lighting strategically in your store

The first impression of your store is made from the outside, and the experience can have a significant impact on whether customers choose to enter or continue down the street. Therefore, it is important that you also consider your store lighting from the street.

You can, among other things, use inviting outdoor lighting that illuminates the facade and gives a welcoming expression.

If there is a glass entrance or large beautiful store windows in your store, you can set focus on a beautiful display or specific products by using spotlights with directed light.

Once the customer is inside the store, you can use your lighting strategically to guide them around and create good customer relations. For example, it is important to have good lighting at the back of the store so that it does not just become a dark area that customers do not go to.

3. Create focus areas

Of course, it is important that all types of products are properly illuminated and that the general lighting is good.

In most stores, however, there will often be a specific product or display that you want to draw extra attention to. It can be news, bestsellers, etc., which you can highlight with extra lighting.

This is best done with spotlights that have the right brightness and color temperature and are adjusted correctly. By illuminating an area with extra light, an exciting store lighting is also created, where there is a difference between bright and dark points.

The lamps should not steal the attention, but be used to highlight the products.

4. Choose a flexible solution that can be adapted over time

It is far from uncommon to rearrange the products and change the store layout as the assortment changes.

It is therefore important that your store lighting or showroom lighting is flexible and can be easily adjusted.

Here, a track system with power rails and spots is an incredibly functional and long-lasting solution for the primary lighting.

The advantage of a track system is that the rails can be angled, extended and combined in countless ways to fit perfectly into your store. All in one coherent solution.

When they are installed in the ceiling, you have many options for adapting the different light sources to the store design. If you need to install more power tracks or remove some, this can always be adjusted along the way.

On our tracks, you can use the different spotlights in the same series, which come in many different versions. You can also mount a pendant light by using our adapter.

If you want extra flexibility, you can choose a 3-phase power track. In addition to being able to place and relocate each light source as needed, you can also turn them on and off individually while they are in the track.

There are several different light tracks and spotlights on the market. When they are used for store lighting, it is important that they are of high quality so that you achieve the right result with the light.

Mediskin Pro belysning til klinik

5. Replace traditional light sources with LED store lighting

There are many advantages to switching to LED store lighting and getting away from traditional light sources. First and foremost, there are significant energy savings and money to be saved. An LED light source has a significantly lower consumption than other alternatives.

Although getting a new lighting system is not cost-free, it is a really good investment. The money is quickly earned back, and it is therefore worth considering whether you should change the lighting in your store.

In addition, the LED light source has a long lifespan and a low heat output.

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