Optimal lighting in the bedroom

Optimize your lighting in the bedroom with the right bedside lamp and ceiling lighting, so that it is both relaxing and functional.

The bedroom is an important room in the home. It is where you recharge after many waking hours, allowing you to wake up refreshed and well-rested for a new day. The lighting in the bedroom plays a significant role.

The right lighting in the bedroom is crucial for creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Additionally, the lighting in your bedroom should also be functional, allowing you to make the bed, put away clothes, or clean.

Quality lighting is just as important in the bedroom as it is in the rest of the house. Here on this page, we provide you with a lot of good advice and inspiration for lighting in your bedroom, so that all your lighting needs can be fulfilled.

Use at least 3 different light sources in the bedroom

Because the bedroom serves multiple purposes, it is rarely enough to rely on just one type of light source.

Often, you need to use at least 3 different types of lamps and light sources to create optimal lighting throughout the bedroom.

You should have:

  1. Bedside lamps, placed on each side of the bed. It is advantageous if they can provide both direct and indirect light. This is often achieved with wall lamps, but it can also be a table lamp.
  2. A good ceiling light for your bedroom, which can provide general lighting throughout the room without causing glare.
  3. A brighter light source near the wardrobe, which has good color rendering.
ANTIDARK Cuscino bedroom

Choose the right bedside lamp

The first step to achieving optimal lighting in your bedroom is to find the perfect bedside lamp that suits your needs and bed type.

Bedside lamps are truly cozy, especially when you choose the right one. They can provide a relaxing light in the evening when the main lighting in the bedroom is turned off.

When selecting your bedside lamp, several factors come into play in terms of what provides you with the optimal light and how to best position the lamp.


Do you plan to use your bedside lamp as a reading lamp?

If you enjoy reading a book before going to sleep, there are some things you should pay special attention to when choosing bedside lamps for the bedroom. To have the best reading experience, it’s important that the lamp provides a concentrated and relatively sharp light, so you don’t strain your eyes while reading. The lamp should give you good reading light. The light source should also be relatively small, so it doesn’t illuminate the rest of the room and disturb your bed partner.
ANTIDARK Flex wall lamp in bedroom

Bedside lamps for an elevation bed

If you have an elevation bed, it’s a good idea to choose a bedside lamp with an arm, such as the ANTIDARK Flex Wall, or a table lamp, such as the ANTIDARK Table T1.

If you choose a wall lamp to hang near an elevation bed, it’s a good idea to position it next to the bed so that it can also provide light when the bed is lifted at the headboard. If that’s not possible, a table lamp on the nightstand is preferred.

If the bed is not an elevation bed, there are several options for lamp placement to ensure both good illumination and cozy lighting. In this case, the lamps can be placed above the headboard.

Wall lamps for the bedroom – Our top recommendations

Are you having trouble finding the perfect bedside lamps for your bedroom? In addition to Flex Wall, we have two other excellent suggestions for wall-mounted bedside lamps.


The first one is the ANTIDARK DOT lamp, a wall lamp with built-in light that provides both direct and indirect lighting. The indirect light is located at the back of the lamp and creates a cozy ambiance in the bedroom.

Additionally, the lamp features a direct light, a focused light that can be adjusted, making it perfect as a reading lamp. You can choose to have either the direct or indirect light turned on.

DOT is a bedside lamp with a dimmer, allowing you to have the lamp on without casting a strong light on your sleeping partner.

Belysning i soveværelse / lighting in the bedroom



If you don’t require the option to dim the light, the ANTIDARK Circle Wall is definitely a good alternative.

With this lamp, you can also adjust the light beam, making it suitable as a reading lamp in the bedroom, children’s room, or guest room, as it provides focused light.

The advantage of the Circle Wall is that you can have both the direct and indirect light turned on at the same time.

ANTIDARK Circle wall bedroom

Find the right ceiling lamp for your bedroom

When it comes to bedroom lighting, in addition to bedside lamps, there is also the general lighting in the bedroom as well as the lighting that makes it easier for you to have an overview of the wardrobe.

General lighting

General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, is an important aspect of bedroom lighting. An important lamp for your bedroom is a good ceiling lamp that provides pleasant and diffused light. Many people choose a lamp that allows them to adjust the brightness, providing the option for soft and cozy lighting that creates a pleasant atmosphere, but can also be turned up to provide brighter light.

The ceiling lamp in the bedroom makes it easier to perform practical tasks such as cleaning, organizing clothes, and changing bedding.

A great choice for general lighting in the bedroom is our Moon lamp, available in various sizes.

Lighting by the wardrobe

If you have a wardrobe and mirror in the bedroom, clear light must be integrated, which at the same time has good color reproduction. This is where you need the most concentrated light. It is recommended to install adjustable spotlights that can be directed to illuminate the mirror area and the clothing in the wardrobe.

Our Designline series is a great option for this purpose. The series includes minimalist tracks and spotlights that can be combined and arranged in countless ways to meet your needs. The spotlights are ideal for providing concentrated light that directs towards the wardrobes, allowing you to have a better overview of your clothes. They provide excellent illumination and can be used in both large and small bedrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bedroom Lighting

How high your bedside lamp should hang depends on both the height of your bed and your choice of lamp. A good rule of thumb, which works for most bedside lamps, is to hang it at approximately 1 meter from the floor. The higher the lamp is placed, the more the light will spread. Therefore, it is best not to place it too high.

Before choosing lamps for your bedroom, it is important to consider the various functions of the room. For example, if the wardrobe is also located in the room and if you need to be able to read in bed. The lamps in the bedroom should be chosen based on these functions, and therefore you will likely need several different types.

Lumen is a term that refers to the brightness of the light. In the bedroom, there is usually no need for a high number of lumens, as the light should primarily be relaxing and gentle. The bedside lamp can be as low as 200-250 lm if it is not used as a reading lamp. However, if you have a ceiling lamp or spotlights near the wardrobe, the lumen level should be higher to provide more functional lighting. Consider choosing dimmable lamps for the bedroom so that you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Light affects us differently, and while some shades make us sleepy, others keep us awake. The higher the Kelvin, which means the colder and more bluish the light is, the more difficult it is to sleep. Therefore, your bedside lamp should not have a particularly high Kelvin. However, it is a good idea to turn off all lights in the bedroom when you want to fall asleep.

Your bedside lamp should provide a comfortable and calm light. That means opting for a low lumen and Kelvin rating. It can be a good idea to choose a dimmable bedside lamp so that you can adjust the brightness. If your bedside lamp also needs to serve as a reading lamp, consider choosing one with a small light source that provides a concentrated and direct light. You can find bedside lamps that combine both functionalities.

The lighting in the bedroom is of great importance, whether it’s general lighting or ambient lighting. Wall lamps are an obvious choice when it comes to bedside lighting, but a table lamp is also a good solution, especially when you have an adjustable bed. It’s important to consider good reading light.

For the wardrobe area, clear lighting is important, where ceiling lamps such as spots can often be the perfect solution.

Above, we have presented different lamps available in our assortment, both for bedside lamps, whether it’s a wall lamp or a table lamp, as well as lamps for general lighting or providing more focused light at the wardrobe. Explore our collection of lamps when choosing wall lamps, table lamps, pendants, ceiling lamps, and more. Contact us for more information about our collection.

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