Lighting consultation

Whether it’s advising on lighting for an office, restaurant, café, shop, hairdresser, etc., our Lighting advisors are ready to provide lighting consultation for your project. This applies to both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Both Mette, Martin, and Søren are lighting experts with extensive experience in both large and small projects, where it has been important to get the lighting right from the start.

It’s crucial to consider the lighting plan from the beginning, to ensure that the lights and lamps are placed in the right locations in the rooms and thus provide optimal lighting. This is also important in relation to the budget, as it can be more expensive to make changes later on.


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We have a professional approach to both our customers and the projects we are involved in. We always strive to achieve the perfect lighting design, whether it’s for private homes or public spaces, so that the room and its interior are highlighted in the most optimal way. It’s essential that the lighting design is optimal for both the individual rooms and the project as a whole.

Our lighting consultation includes advice on:

  • What kind of lamps to use?
  • How many lamps are needed for optimal lighting?
  • Where is the optimal placement of lamps and spots in the room?
  • Should there be both general lighting and mood lighting?
Belysningsrådgivning / Lighting consultation

Afterward, we collaborate with the electrician you want to use for your project. You will have direct contact with the electrician, but they can always contact us for further information about our lamps, as well as advice and guidance. Contact with us can also be done through the electrician you choose to use.

If you don’t have an electrician you usually use, we know many and can help you with contact information.

Together with the electrician, we ensure that there is optimal lighting for your project, regardless of what type of project it is. We ensure that the lamps used are suitable for your space, in terms of design, kelvin, lumen, distribution, etc. We advise the electrician on the optimal placement of spots, pendants, and more, to ensure that the lamps have the function and angle they need. This way, you get the optimal lighting for your project, where we are the lighting supplier and the electrician is responsible for installation.

Commercial lighting

Depending on the type of project that requires lighting consultation, there are different things to consider. Here are some quick facts about commercial lamps, whether it’s for an office, restaurant, café, or shop.

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If you need to hear about and see examples of shops, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, new builds, or similar projects we have done, then please contact us.

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Lighting Advisor/ Sales and Purchase Manager


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Lighting Advisor/ Key Account Manager for Export Sales

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Lighting Advisor/ Key Account Manager for Projects