Lighting expert

Light is not just light – lighting has a huge effect on the atmosphere in a room and the mood. With the right lighting, you can contribute to influencing the ambiance in the room.

At ANTIDARK, we are lighting experts

We have built significant experience and knowledge over the years. When we guide you in choosing the lighting for your project, we always inquire about your preferences and the desired ambiance in the room – whether it should be cold, warm, bluish, bright, or subtle.

Lysekspert / lighting expert

We are a lighting supplier for many different projects, both large and small. We have provided lighting solutions for hotels, restaurants, shops, hair salons, offices, and private homes. As lighting consultants on these projects, we have guided our clients on which fixtures to use to achieve optimal lighting in the spaces, taking into consideration their functionality and intended use. We have ensured the right ambiance and atmosphere in the rooms, in harmony with the existing interior.

What can a lighting expert do?

As lighting experts, we first and foremost possess extensive knowledge about the technical aspects of our lamps. We know precisely the light output they can deliver and how many fixtures are needed to achieve the most optimal lighting in a given space, depending on its intended use.

Having the most optimal lighting in a room is crucial as it impacts not only people’s mood but also their energy and concentration levels. For instance, the lighting in an office should be 3000K or above since overly warm and yellowish lighting can make us feel drowsy. The ‘K’ stands for Kelvin – you can read more about Kelvin HERE.

On this page – Commercial lamps – you can read more about what is important to consider in your project, whether it is lighting for an office, shop, hair salon, restaurant, or similar.

It is important to involve our lighting experts as early as possible in the process, both in terms of budget considerations and to ensure, together with your electrician, that the fixtures can be optimally placed in the rooms.

What do you know about Kelvin, Lumen, Lux, and CRI?

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These are technical terms that we, as lighting consultants, are fully knowledgeable about. However, if you would also like to understand their meanings and the impact they have, you can learn more about them in our e-book “How to Increase Turnover and Efficiency with the Right Lighting.” You can sign up for our e-book and newsletter HERE. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.