Lighting supplier

ANTIDARK is a lighting supplier for all types of construction projects. We can provide both ambient and accent lighting for any project.

The basic lighting typically consists of one of our track spots or recessed spots. To liven up the room, pendants can provide both cozy lighting and a beautiful expression in the room.

Lighting advisors with expertise

It is important that your lighting supplier has the necessary knowledge about lighting and can advise and guide you to the optimal light. With us, we know everything about the technical terms and specifications and how we ensure the most optimal light for the different rooms that also meet both requirements and desires.

Our lighting advisors have built up a great knowledge and expertise in lighting through several years of experience, so we can guide you on which type of light is most optimal depending on the project you are starting – whether it is commercial lamps or lighting in private homes.

As a lighting advisor, it is important to be a lighting expert and know everything about the technical specifications, and we therefore set high demands on ourselves to deliver expert knowledge.

What kind of projects do you supply lighting for?

We supply lighting for both small and large projects. It can be for a small café or specialty store in town, but it can also be for large hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and so on, where we supply all or part of the lighting. We do our utmost to provide you with the most professional lighting consultation.

ANTIDARK hos Skanlux byg og bo 1

New built house

As a lighting supplier for new construction companies, we can provide lighting for all rooms in the house as well as outdoor lighting.

Whether you choose recessed spotlights, tracks, or surface-mounted spotlights as basic lighting is a matter of taste. Here, it is the construction company and the chosen electrician who, in collaboration with the customer, find exactly what matches their desires. In addition, we can supply both pendants, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, as well as table and floor lamps.
We also provide outdoor lighting, where we can supply various outdoor lamps that match the customer’s needs.

Antidark at Skanlux byg og bo 2

Hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

As a lighting supplier for larger projects such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and so on, we collaborate directly with you as a customer and the electrician you want to use for your project. Here, the choice of solution is also individual. We always come up with our assessment and proposal based on the style desired for the project. And at the same time, we ensure that it is the optimal light that comes into the room.

Read more here – Commercial lamps – where you get good advice on what to be aware of no matter what project it is.

Below you can see a selection of the projects we have been a lighting supplier for. But please feel free to contact us to see more cases. You can contact our lighting advisers HERE

Belysning hos Cafe Ruth

S16 spots in the ceiling at restaurant Carl Peter in Korsør and a beautiful decorative wall with LED strips.

Lysleverandør / lighting supplier

S16 and S21 spots provide perfect work lighting at the hair salon PARK.

Antidark at Pier5

Designline spots and tracks are set up in all rooms at Pier5 hotel in Aalborg.

Antidark hos Mediskin

Black S16 spots on global tracks are used at MediSkin.