Moon C600 Plafond

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Stylish Flush Mounted Ceiling Lamps

MOON represents our collection of elegant flush mounted ceiling lamps, exuding a timeless aesthetic and with many possibilities. The delicate, round shade emits a pleasant and diffuse illumination that fills the room, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

One of the unique attributes of ANTIDARK Moon ceiling lamp is its even light distribution, reaching all the way to the edge of the lamp – the light is not confined solely to the center of the ceiling. The uniform light distribution makes the lamp pleasing to behold and ensures that the light spreads gracefully and harmoniously, even when dimming the ceiling light.

The lamp is mounted directly onto the ceiling, and its sleek design occupying minimal space in the room. This enables efficient use of space, especially in areas with low ceilings.

MOON comes in four different sizes, making it easy to find a suitable match for any project.


Numerous Possibilities – From Illumination to Projects and Private Homes

MOON C600 constitutes the largest variant in the series, with a diameter of 60 cm. This larg ceiling lamp is well-suited for both commercial spaces and private homes. MOON C600 can also serve as decorative wall art or as a suspended lamp by using our wire kit.

By incorporating multiple MOON lamps into your home, you can achieve harmony and establish a cohesive interior design.

MOON C600 is available with a black or white aluminum base. Additionally, MOON lamps are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preferences and desired ambiance.


Technical Specifications for MOON C600:

Dimensions: Diameter: 60 cm. Height: 8 cm.

Refer to the datasheet for all technical specifications, accessible through the link provided above.


Moon C600 Plafond LED 3000K- White, Moon C600 Plafond LED 3000K – Black