The combination of functionality and aesthetic simplicity can be challenging to achieve, yet it is nonetheless the result of our popular EASY series.

One of our absolute bestsellers, which has been on the market for many years.

The series includes everything from smart adjustable wall/ceiling lamps, recessed spots, and much more. A collection that allows you to create the perfect atmosphere in any environment, whether it’s in private spaces or for project use.

With EASY, you are guaranteed high-quality lamps – both in terms of light and material selection.

We believe that good quality doesn’t have to come at the expense of price, and with EASY, you get the right balance between exceptional lighting and great value for money.

The series is always in stock, ensuring fast delivery every time.

Furthermore, we are happy to advise on usage and installation, ensuring you get the most out of your EASY lamps.

Read along here, where we tell you much more about the benefits, possible uses and the thoughts behind the design.

Your benefits with EASY

Sometimes the name says it all. And when it comes to our EASY series, there’s no doubt that it lives up to its name completely. The functional and minimalist series contains many design advantages that make it easy and simple for you to achieve the perfect lighting.

Read on here, where we provide you with 5 of the top benefits of EASY.

1. A large selection that matches all needs

Our EASY series offers a wide range of lamps in various sizes, colors, and models, allowing you to tailor lighting and expression to your needs and style.

EASY is available as wall/ceiling lamps in single, double, triple, and qauttro models – featuring 1, 2, 3, and 4 spotlights respectively.

But that’s not all.

The series also includes pendants, recessed spots, outdoor lamps, and much more. In other words, integrating EASY throughout your home is easy – a choice many of our customers have made.

Whether you prefer a discreet lamp that blends into the room or a more striking design that stands out, you can find a look that matches your style among the many elegant colors.

2. High quality - we set high standards for our production

We do not compromise on quality and this of course also applies to our EASY series. The series has been thoroughly tested with top quality components, so you are guaranteed lamps that not only provide good light, but also last for many years to come.

EASY is designed to illuminate for no less than 50,000 hours, and the chip can be easily replaced after its lifespan. Quality is further emphasized by our 5-year warranty, as well as stringent material selection and supplier requirements.

3. Versatile use - from wall to ceiling

EASY is a versatile series that can be used anywhere in the home – and not least for many purposes.

The spotlight lamps can be used as both ceiling and wall lamps, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your needs and create perfect harmony in each room, maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout your living space.

Whether you want good general lighting or a special spot effect, you can achieve both with the EASY series.

4. Customize Your Light with the Smart Tilt and Swivel Feature

One of the special features of EASY is its smart tilt and turn function, which allows you to direct the light to match the room’s layout.

With the flexible design, it’s easy to individually customize each lamp according to your preferences, creating visual effects that highlight areas or details. Whether you want to accentuate an art collection, illuminate a workspace, or set an intimate mood.

It’s easy to love

5. Great Lighting for Every Occasion

EASY is not just a sleek and beautiful lamp that fits into any decor. It also provides fantastic, high-quality light that enhances the overall value of the space.

The lamps are energy efficient and beautifully highlight details in this setting. With a high color reproduction, EASY gives you the opportunity to experience the colors around you in a real and lifelike way.

All EASY lamps are dimmable, so you can adapt the brightness to mood and activity – from relaxing moments to productive tasks. If you want the option to adjust between warm and cold light, it is also possible to get the lamps with Dim to Warm.

A lamp that can be used anywhere

Only your imagination sets the limits for where you can integrate EASY in your home. Here we offer some good advice on where and how the series can be used.

General lighting

EASY is perfect if you want good general/primary lighting.

This applies to all rooms in the home, large and small.

Its versatile nature makes EASY particularly suitable for the central areas of your home, where uniform, practical, and pleasant lighting is crucial.

In the kitchen, the EASY series will provide precise illumination for workspaces and create a cozy ambiance – for everyday tasks and larger gatherings.

In the bathroom, the adjustable brightness of the series is perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere, while in hallways, it will illuminate the space and guide you further into your home.

Create a space-expanding effect

If you have a dark or small room, placing EASY lamps in each corner is a smart way to make the room seem larger.

This trick creates even lighting that eliminates shadows and makes the room more inviting. The method also creates a visual illusion of extra space and openness.

Another way to use EASY is by angling the light to reflect off the walls.

This provides comfortable lighting without causing glare, while also avoiding shadows, making the room feel more spacious.

Illumination in Rooms with Sloped Ceilings or High Ceilings

Due to the versatile design, EASY is ideal for use in rooms with sloping ceilings, where traditional lamps can be difficult to adapt.

The adjustable function makes it easy to direct the light in the desired direction, regardless of the angle of the ceiling. It creates a beautiful visual balance, while providing functional lighting to areas that might otherwise be challenging to light.

In rooms with high ceilings, the 18V model of the EASY series truly shines.

The increased brightness generates an airy and well-lit atmosphere, drawing the eye upward and imparting an impressive sense of spaciousness to the entire room.

Take advantage of the spot effect

EASY also allows you to strategically use light to create an exciting and more eye-catching lighting environment.

In addition to general lighting, EASY is an excellent choice if there are objects in your home that you want to highlight.

This could be wall art or interior elements that deserve special attention.

With the smart adjustable features, you can direct the spotlight to illuminate specific objects – and readjust it if you want a different effect.

This was a focal point in the EASY series

The EASY series is primarily designed with a focus on being versatile throughout your home.

That’s why we offer a wide range of options, allowing you to find lamps suitable for both large and small spaces.

We have a strong focus on product development and are constantly at the forefront of current trends and new technical functions.

As a result, we consistently expand the series with new models to ensure you enjoy the best in design.

In the EASY series, functionality is highly valued, with the intention of making it easy to adjust the lighting to match mood and needs – even after the lamp is installed.





From minimalist to eye-catching – your choice, your expression

The EASY series gives you the freedom to shape the character of the room, whether you prefer simple minimalism or an eye-catching style.

The series contains versatility on all levels – also when it comes to the color choice, which covers everything from simple black and white to beautiful metallic shades such as brass, brushed brass, titanium and rose gold.

Unnoticed Elegance

Do you desire your lighting to seamlessly integrate and add a subtle elegance to your surroundings?

In that case, a neutral color tone such as white or black, which blends discreetly into any decor, is an ideal choice.

These colors create a clean and timeless appearance that harmonizes with all environments.

Captivating Design Element

If, instead, you want the lighting to be a striking design element, the metallic shades are ideal. These colors add a luxurious and distinctive touch while breaking up surfaces and imparting depth to the room.

Your choice of color allows you to accentuate the room’s other details and showcase your personal style. For a warm and exclusive look, shades like brass and rose gold are fitting, while brushed brass lends a more authentic appearance and titanium brings an industrial edge.

Customize EASY with Accessories

If you wish to further tailor EASY to your preferences, the EASY series also offers a range of diverse accessories, granting you even greater flexibility.

These include, among others, a Honeycomb filter to reduce glare, front rings to personalize your lamp’s look, and reflectors that allow you to control and focus the light according to your needs.

Light Control for Every Need

If you desire more advanced light control, the EASY series also offers the option of DALI lighting control, ideal for larger projects and more intricate lighting requirements.

Furthermore, you can integrate Camsambi light control for a wireless and intuitive way to adjust the lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions about EASY

Yes, all EASY lamps are dimmable, providing you with full control over the brightness and ambiance of the room. We also offer models with DTW, allowing you to adjust between cold and warm light.

Absolutely! The EASY series is available in various sizes, models, and colors, making it easy for you to find the perfect combination for your space.

EASY is a versatile lamp that can be placed almost anywhere in the home. EASY is available as both a wall lamp, ceiling lamp, pendant, and recessed spotlight, making it perfect for providing general lighting in your home or illuminating wall art and similar features.

The installation of EASY is simple and straightforward. All lamps come with a mounting guide that will lead you through the process. Remember that you can purchase models with and without a cable hole, depending on where the lamp will be placed.