SpotOn Circle2

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SpotOn Circle2 – Elegant Round Lamp with 2 Adjustable Spots

The SpotOn series is one of our popular spotlight collections, featuring lamps in various colors and variations. The series offers a classic appearance that seamlessly integrates and an aesthetic and functional design that complements any interior.

SpotOn Circle2 is a round lamp with 2 spots, although variants with 1 or 3 spots are also available.

The two spots are mounted on a beautiful round base and can be rotated in different directions. This makes it easy to adjust the light direction according to your needs and where you require it.

SpotOn Circle2 is particularly well-suited as a ceiling lamp in hallways, entryways, or above the kitchen table, where the adjustable spots make it easy to tailor the light to the room’s function.


Design & Functionality

SpotOn Circle2 is available in both white and black models, each with their unique expressions. The white variant seamlessly blends into most ceilings, while the black one adds a striking contrast that adds depth to the room.

An additional gold-colored front ring is included with both spots, allowing you to alter their appearance and add an exclusive touch.

SpotOn Circle2 is crafted from aluminum and features a replaceable light source. Changing the light source is a simple process that involves unscrewing the tube from the spotlight.


Technical Specifications

SpotOn Circle2 measures: Diameter: 20 cm. Height: 12.5cm.

Refer to the datasheet for all technical specifications.


SpotOn Circle2 GU10 – White, SpotOn Circle2 GU10 – White/Gold, SpotOn Circle2 GU10 – Black, SpotOn Circle2 GU10 – Black/Gold