Ita Outdoor Flex

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ITA Outdoor Flex – Sleek and Timeless Outdoor Floor Lamp

Create magic in your outdoor spaces with ITA Outdoor Flex. A beautiful outdoor floor lamp characterized by its minimalist design, clean lines, and adjustable functionality.

ITA Outdoor Flex seamlessly complements any outdoor setting and effortlessly integrates with any interior style. It’s perfect for everything from the terrace and front yard to around the house, providing both pleasant and functional illumination.


Adjust the light with adjustable beam angle and dimmable function

With the adjustable beam angle and dimmable feature, it’s easy to shape and customize the light for any occasion. The beam angle can be adjusted from 60 to 240 cm, allowing you to create precisely the atmosphere you desire. From focused and narrow light to broader and more embracing illumination.

Whether you want to highlight specific areas in the garden or create a cozy lounge ambiance on the terrace, you have the opportunity to tailor the lighting to your needs.


Technical Specifications

ITA Outdoor Flex dimensions: H: 75 cm, W: 10 cm (top), D: 10 cm (top)

Explore all technical specifications in the datasheet above.